Saturday, June 9, 2018


 Jill and Tristan came to visit from Oregon.  Quite a road trip for them, covering over 800 miles.  But I think the road trip Tristan is enjoying at Grandma's is walking Molly.
 And of course the pool.  Jill is our youngest daughter and Tristan our youngest grandchild ~ will be five this week.
 "Floaties" are the best.  He can enjoy the pool without us worrying about him going under.  Trying to teach him to hold his breath.
Jill is the daughter that was in the horrific car accident in 1989, when she was 18, and almost lost her life and right leg.  In the hospital for months with multiple surgeries and skin grafts.  As a result she has a stiff, scared and disfigured leg.

She had written the first draft of a children's book about animals that have scars and hurts that make them look different, and how beauty comes from within,  She had been thinking about this for many years as she has "lived it" and now want's Tristan to learn this lesson.  

She's reading the story to him, and bless his heart, he drew a picture of Marvin the coyote with his paw caught in the barbwire fence.  Jill want's me to illustrate it and I'm working on some idea now.  So who knows....Maybe in the future you will see a children's book called "The Diamond Club", as we are all diamonds in the rough.


  1. I remember you telling me about this book. I love the idea and am sure the story is lovely. I am looking forward to your illustrations.

    I am thinking of you today because my sister and I stopped into an antique shop where there was a Danner rotating library. First one I've seen since visiting your place. The owner said he's never had anyone come in who had seen one before. He isn't sure whether to sell it ($2000) or take it back home. I say he should take it home and love it.

  2. I hope to see that book Wanda, I know the illustrations will be fantastic as I know the artist!

  3. oh that is wonderful! Your beautiful daughter and such a handsome grandson,, we use the floaties here too, it sure sets the mind at ease,, a bit lol,,I wish your daughter all the success on her book, it sounds wonderful

  4. This brought tears to my in the rough. How precious. Enjoy your wonderful time together. Love the shot of Tristan and Molly together. Love you bunches.

  5. Looks/sounds like everyone is enjoying the visit :) Good title; good luck!

  6. I bet that Molly is pretty happy that Tristan is there. They look very happy while walking down the sidewalk. I do hope that the book gets published. You can self publish books. I hope to be able to read it some day.

  7. Oh...what a great project for you both...
    Sorry to hear of her accident...
    Enjoy your time together...Tristan is a cutie pie⭐️
    Linda :o)

  8. What a fun visit! Love the book idea and you illustrating it! Wow...can't wait for you to share as you work on it!

  9. Wanda, So glad your grandson is wearing the swimmies. I worry about young ones in the pool. Your daughter is very pretty, so sorry she has suffered. I love that Jill is thinking of writing a story that will teach. It is wonderful if you both work on it together. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  10. This is so special.
    Wonderful photographs.

    All the best Jan

  11. Oh yay for a visit from your much-loved family. That children’s book sounds so good and what a colloboration it would be.

  12. Tristan is growing up so quickly!
    I remember when you first told me of Jill's accident. What a scary time it must have been.
    She is a beautiful woman and out of that pain comes more beauty.
    I have dabbled on and off with writing children's stories. You would be a perfect choice for illustrator. xox


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