Monday, April 9, 2018


Julie stopped by to check on her dad, and we had a nice visit and lunch together.  Dad's doing a lot better.  See how good he looks!
The humming birds spied my hibiscus and have come by for a couple visits.
My metal rooster found a new spot in my spider plant.

This little artificial plant is on the window ledge outside my kitchen window by the front door.  Not a good place for a live plant.

The colors are so vivid.

And also very soft and lovely.

Sometimes it a full hedge ~~
and sometimes a single white rose.

But new life and new green leaves are showing up everywhere.

What's blooming around you?


  1. Not much blooming in Toronto yet Wanda. So glad hubby is feeling better that is a sweet pic of him and your lovely daughter.

  2. Oh a single white rose!!! How beautiful! Your flowers are gorgeous and I'm envious!! Well, let's impatience at Mother Nature is blooming lol...I'm glad to say that my lettuce and herbs continue to grow in my window, so I'm very thankful for that! :) Hubby and daughter look lovely together! :)

  3. I am so glad to see that Dan is feeling better. I sure have been concerned.
    Spring is really popping out all over where you live. All our flowering trees are finished but the new shoots of fresh green are making everything so bright and shiny.
    I hope it is through raining for a while though. Have a great day. We are going to a dinner at church tonight. That should be nice.

    1. Well, I guess my finger slipped could I have called your Dearest Dan?????
      I know it's DON......

  4. Glad your husband is doing better. Your plants are so pretty. We just moved our Hibiscus out of the green house.

  5. Don looks well and how lovely he has a visitor.
    Gorgeous flower pics. Nothing blooming here and won't be for a while. Huge rain/wind storm last week caused a lot of damage.
    Still quite chilly but supposed to be warmer on Thursday. Here's hopin'!
    I like your rooster!

  6. Don looks so well and praise the Lord for that. That is a great picture of him and Julie. Your flowers are so pretty. Snow covered my daffodils again last night. I don't know how much longer the poor things can take it.
    Be Blessed!

  7. I love the way it looks around your house and I am glad your beloved is feelling better!

  8. We don't have a bloomin' thing!
    It was snowing today.


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