Wednesday, October 11, 2017


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My one eyed bandit has now become Mr. Cool.  He is feeling really good.  Taking it easy, but today I loosened my grip, and let him go with me to walk Molly.  He is holding the leash so I could get his picture.

The cane gives him a little more balance until he can really see clearly again.

I'm amazed how many of you or your loved ones have had cataract surgery.  Unfortunately there is no surgery for glaucoma for me, so I will continue my nightly drops.  It was caught early, and my last appointment showed no increase.  I said eyes and ears are so important, so I'm thankful every day for my hearing aids and my Lumican drops.

We all have much to be thankful for.

Pray for the people in Northern CA and the horrible fires.  More fires this year than I can every remember.



  1. Praying for the fires, my sister lives in
    California just south of San Francisco and says the smog is terrible right now, scary.

  2. Happy healing to your Mr. Cool. He's looking quite dapper.

  3. He could be from the Blues Brothers? All the best.

  4. He does look cool! Glad that he’s taking it cool. Soon he will be back to normal only even better.

  5. Don is looking very cool today. Every day will be a better day.

    I am looking for a pumpkin bread recipe. I thought I had your, but I guess it is a banana bread recipe which is the best I have ever made. The family thinks it is time for pumpkin bread and I am on a hunt for that recipe today.

  6. I got so concerned when I saw the cane, then I realized that that is a great idea for stability. I do that too when I'm in big crowds. I'm so glad he is doing so well. Just think, you Dearest is going to be absolutely Bionic!

  7. Yes, Wanda, your one eyed bandit is looking very cool. So glad he's doing well enough for you to let him walk with you. I've had cataract surgery in both eyes. Thankful for eyes and ears for sure.

  8. Glad Don is getting along so well!
    My cousin is one of the many, many who completely lost their homes in Santa Rosa early this week. So grateful they are okay though.

  9. He is quite handsome.
    My mom had both eyes done. It's hard to do puzzles if the eyes aren't working.

  10. Dapper Don! I love a man in a hat. Hope he's recovering quickly and fully.


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