Saturday, September 2, 2017


 Sue and I have been blog friends for many years.  After years of blogging, and seeing how much we had in common, and how close they live to Lake Tahoe which we visit every year, we decided several years ago to meet in person.  What a treat that has been.

Dave and Sue are wonderful devoted Christians, and have such servant hearts serving in their church .  The world is a small place.  After meeting in person and getting to know each other and share our lives, we found out a most amazing thing.
1961 My dearest and I were married at First Baptist Church in Turlock CA.  Our Pastor was Robert Roberts who did our ceremony.
During our first personal visit, we were talking about our weddings.  I mentioned that Pastor Roberts married us.  Both Dave and Sue looked shocked....and said" Bob Roberts".. Turns out after he left our church he moved to San Bruno, and married Dave and Sue two years later.   Small World!!!!!

There were fires near Jill when we were visiting.  For a while she was on evacuation warning.  The skies were filled with smoke and ash.  We stayed inside the last two days of our trip.  This is Jill's neighbors house.

They had base camp set up at Harbor on the beach.  Talked to Jill this morning.  Still lots of smoke, but getting better.

A last stop of our trip tomorrow.
The First Baptist Church Reunion where we served for twenty-seven years.


  1. Small world indeed, nice you have the connection through the pastor.

  2. What a coincidence. Hope they get the fires out there under control. Stay safe on your travels.

  3. It really is a small world. I once was visiting a church and was talking to the pastor's wife. It turns out that her father was the pastor who dedicated me! I will be praying about all the fires out there. Floods and fires seem to be the news these days. Have a good time at the reunion.

  4. That's amazing! I have been watching the news of the 'rest of the country' after being glued to all the Harvey Happenings here in Texas! MAn, from one extreme to the other!!

  5. What an amazing coincidence to be married by the same pastor in different places. So sorry to see that those fires are burning. Sure hope they get it all under control very soon.

  6. Wow, what a coincidence, and what fun that you got to meet!

  7. We loved every minute of our visit together. You aren't just friends but Family to us.
    I'm glad Jill's not in evacuation mode any longer.
    We always called our pastor Jim Roberts, but I know it's the same man. What a history.
    We have such murky skies here too. Too many fires around and wind patterns driving the smoke our way.
    Love you and thanks for posting those photos.

    1. Love this Sue! I have not met any of you in person but feel that you all are family!

  8. I declare, Wanda, you age backwards. You are as beautiful as ever. It truly is a small world. I've found that out through blogging. Debby Ray and I had children who graduated from the same college. We have some of the same friends on facebook. We have never met but we know each other. It's a crazy, small world after all.

  9. Very small world indeed. I am constantly discovering that to be true.
    Hope Jill continues to avoid the fires. Terrifying for so many.


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