Thursday, August 31, 2017


 A fun trip to the beach.  Grandma, Jill, and Tristan.  She told him to say "cheese".

Grandpa enjoying the beach and his thoughts.

Tristan loves to take his wagon and look for drift wood, shells and rocks.  We got quite a few.

Back home, he will take a ride on the bike.  Cute helmet!
He loves just sitting on his bike...but knows when he rides, he has to wear his helmet. Enjoying a cookie. (It's very hard to get this boy out of his PJ's.)

This is Tiger, Tristan's new buddy.  He loves Tristan and Tristan loves was so cute to see them playing and sleeping together.

Being gone almost a month was wonderful, but also exhausting.
Tomorrow, I will share another part of the trip...Visiting blog friends in Rocklin.


  1. I bet you really enjoyed it. Its good fun visiting family.

  2. Adorable little Tristan is getting so big! What a great time you must have had with your daughter and family. Glad you are home and in your own bed. Home is where your bed is. Good to hear from you.

  3. Thanks for sharing these pics!!
    Welcome back.

  4. Love these photos of Tristan and the beach. A month was a long time but I'm glad you are home and can get rested.
    I bet Molly was so happy to see you and get back to The TreeHouse.

  5. The kitten is gorgeous, and so is the grandson.
    I can see myself walking along the beach with my thought. Maybe I've done that a time or two before.

  6. Welcome back from your wonderful family holiday Wanda!

  7. Such a sweet lad and I love his new pal. What a beautiful kitten! I understand one's attachment to one's pjs... perfectly understandable!


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