Monday, May 1, 2017


Today the first bloom on my cactus opened completely to help me celebrate 76 years!  Born on May Day 1941, and named Wanda Mae.

What a wonderful life I have had.  What makes a wonderful life?   Marvelous mountains of joy, and the deep pits of despair.  Yes both.  If we didn't experience the pits, how would we ever know the joys of the mountain tops!

My life has been filled with both, and I have volumes of Prayer Journals to prove it..but in this winter season of my life, as I take time to relax and read through those old journals I realize that  ~ as the songs says ~ THROUGH IT ALL ~ I was never alone.  God was moving and working and doing little miracles and big miracles and answering a ton of prayers. 

Are there things I would change if I could...of course, wouldn't we all.  But life is a school of learning and my text book has been the Bible and it has been the compass that has guided my life.

I don't often write seriously (with the exception of my Sunday Posts), because I have wanted my blog to be a safe place, and happy place, a place of encouragement.  But over the past few months, we have lost several dear friends, and you think about your own mortality.

I have been blessed with more loving family and friends than I deserve and my blog family has been such an encouragement since my first post in 2007.

So take time to count your blessing today~  I am, and you are on that list.


  1. Happy birthday! May God bless you many more years!!

  2. Wanda, happy birthday...have a great one!!!

  3. Happy birthday Wanda! I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day!! That bloom is beautiful!!


  4. Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest kindest ladies in the Land of Blog! You have encouraged and blessed us all through your blog! God continues to use the gift of hospitality he gave you as He blesses our lives through you! Happy Birthday!!

  5. Happy birthday Wanda. I love your flower. I love visiting your blog, for encouragement. I too think of our mortality. With very few of our parents' friend still around...I realize my siblings and I and our friends are now the older generation. Blessings to you and your sweet husband.Enjoy your day. xoxo, Susie

  6. I love that you say that Life is a school of Learning and the Bible is your textbook.
    You are a living example of that.
    Happy Birthday...(((hugs))) Sue

  7. Happy Birthday you dear beautiful Woman 🎈🎈🎈
    You are an inspiration to me Wanda...truly...
    We had 2 birthdays last week...such a joyful time.
    Have a wonderful day....get that husband of yours to spoil you...he is a lucky man...
    Linda πŸ’“

  8. Happy Birthday! How nice of your cactus to celebrate with you! If we didn't have the low points I think we would all be selfish, unappreciative, spoiled people, wouldn't we? You need both to gain perspective and appreciation! Hope you're having a lovely day! ♥

  9. Happy Birthday, my sweet friend! I have been blessed to blog with you all the years from 2007. May your celebration not stop with today. This is your birthday week so celebrate on!

  10. That is so true, Wanda! As we have witnessed the death of 7 or 8 close friends in the last two years it makes the thoughts of mortality set in. Previously, I thought that there were years and years of life ahead of us...but, oh, the truth is-we are on God's borrowed time.

    Happy Happy Birthday to you!! I hope your next year is full of joy and pure happiness. xo Diana

  11. A happy birthday to you, Wanda! You are a beautiful 76. I think through all those ups and downs, you have taken very good care of yourself. That is a very beautiful and unusual flower. Very special gift on your day. I hope it has been a joy filled day. I think all of us are more aware of our mortality as we watch others around us be called Home.

  12. Happy Birthday Wanda Mae!!! I loved your beautiful post today, on life.

  13. Happy birthday dear lady. I count them every day and know I'm lucky as I work my way through my winter years too.

  14. Happy Birthday, Wanda🎈 Many blessings to you... I suppose that we all think about mortality after a season of losses. You have certainly succeeded in making your blog a happy place. I always feel like staying for a cup of coffee and one of those cookies of yours.

  15. Happy Birthday, sweet friend.
    You have been an incredible blessing to me.

  16. What a gorgeous flower to celebrate a gorgeous woman! Again, I wish you a Happy Birthday. xxoo


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