Monday, May 1, 2017


Dropped off Molly at the Groomers and then my dearest took me to MiMi's for breakfast.  First things first ~  start out with a vanilla latte.

We each ordered something different and shared.   Ham, mushroom, egg and brie crepes, and pancakes.
 My dearest told our waiter that it was my birthday, and he brought me a complimentary piece of birthday cake with a candle.  We were brought it home and had it tonight with a nice cup of coffee.

When we got home, a package was delivered.  Yes, Sherrie's Berries and cheesecakes.  I see that a strawberry is was delicious!!  Will take our time enjoying these over the next few days.

But my favorite gift was "76 Trombones"  My dearest ask me what I wanted for my Birthday, and I said "76 Trombones".  When I got up this morning he had The Music Man YouTube on his computer (full screen) playing my song!!!! It was the original 1962 version with Shirley Jones!!  That made my day.

Truly a wonderful Birthday.


  1. Happy birthday Wanda. All the best.

  2. You look absolutely beautiful and it sounds like a wonderful birthday celebration.

  3. Hard to believe you, my dear...about the 76 thing, but it does give me hope that a lady can be beautiful all her life. So glad that your beloved tended right out to you on your day. He is, as they say, a keeper. Happy Birthday week🍰

  4. Wanda, What a great birthday. I love the 76 thoughtful of your sweet husband. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. Wow, what a great birthday! Here's to many more! Have a blessed day.

  6. Looks like a wonderful birthday to me. My husband and I always order different things so we can share too.

  7. So glad you had the perfect birthday!

  8. Don is a Honey !!
    How thoughtful.
    How perfect for "76"!
    You look so beautiful Wanda...both inside and out....

  9. All very fun stuff! You look so young for your age! My oh my!
    I've always wondered if those Shari's Berries were good!

  10. Oh sweet, to the Shari's berries and 76 trombones. How thoughtful. I love Shari's Berries. Enjoy. No one would ever know you are 76. You wear it well!

  11. You look so beautiful and so vibrant, my friend!
    Food looks yummy... so glad you had a nice day.
    "76 trombones lead the big parade..." *I am singing to you*

  12. Happy Birthday, lovely lady! I agree with the others, you are beautiful inside and out, my friend.

    Much love to you!

  13. How do you expect us to remember your birthday when you never look any older????? Ha! Ha!

    It looks like you had a wonderful birthday! Keep on celebrating! You deserve it!

  14. 76??? That is hard to believe! You do give me hope! How perfect to be regaled by your favorite 76 Trombones video! Love it!


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