Tuesday, March 14, 2017


 Our grandson Marc is getting married July 1.  His bride to be loves succulents and gave me a start from her variety.  I think they look really cute in this small tin bucket.
 Lunch with our daughter and sil at El Pescador.
 I had the salmon lunch.  All this food for $10.99.  The salmon was pan seared just perfect!  Brought home half!  Delicious.
Today was my cooking class at the Villa.  I made "Taco Salad" and a "half and half" cake.  I wanted to do something for Saint Patrick Day so made a white cake with green swirl, and frosted with half colored coconut and half plain for those who don't care for coconut.
I was a delightful time and how nice to enjoy lunch after the class.  They watch ~ and they they eat.  


  1. Cute, cute succulents!

    That cooking class lunch looks soooo good. Two of my favorites...it's almost dinner time and I'm starving! ha.

  2. I love succulents too. They're fun.
    When going out to eat, always bring home half, that's the rule.

  3. AND she's BAAAAAAAACCCKK!!!!!
    I know you were missed at the Villa!!!

  4. The salmon looks so good. Yum!
    And the taco salad? Double Yum!
    The succulents look great in their little nest.
    I bet your cooking class was glad to see you back at the helm. xo

  5. Thanks for all this happy news!

  6. That is a nifty way to decorate a cake. I like the succulents...very pretty.

  7. Hi Wanda, I love your succulents and I love the tin bucket. They look great in it! I planted succulents today also. I will blog about them later.

    Your food looks sooooo goot as they say in Lancaster County, PA. I have only eaten Salmon from a can. I should buy some from the grocery but I don't know how to fix it.

  8. Love your cooking class and all the goodies everyone gets to eat. Boy, the weddings just keep coming...how fun that you got the succulants too.


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