Thursday, March 9, 2017


HAPPY FACE ~ Vanilla Latte

HAPPY FACE ~ ME having that Latte with my Dearest at MiMi's

HAPPY FACE ~ Stopping by Trader Joe's for fresh flowers

Have you had any "Happy Faces" today?


  1. Love this happy post! My daughter just brought home 2 carnations from work, she got them for Int'l Women's Day, I am enjoying them now.

  2. Well, I smiled when I realized you were eating outside at Mimi's! It's about 20 degrees here! Hahaha.

    Coffee in bed this morning was my first smile....just getting going here this morning!

  3. There is sunshine this morning and the temp. is already 60F. That makes me happy.
    We are going to our dear friend's 60th birthday celebration tonight. That will be a perfect end to the day.

  4. My Happy Face happened reading about yours!
    Beyond cold here, so I am staying tucked away.

  5. Love your happy post! I will begin smiling sometime this week after I get some meds today. The sun will shine again. :)

  6. That's a lot to be happy about right there!!!


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