Monday, February 27, 2017


 Our ride to Tristan's from the Airport.
 A quick stop for Taco Bell ~ His favorite.

 Home to feed his chickens and gather the eggs.  About 3 to 5 a day.  He gathers them, stands on his stool in the kitchen to wash them, and puts them in the refrigerator.  My little Farmer.
 One day we went to the river and picked fresh bay leaves which I will dry.
It was so fun doing things together...Really had to reach to get those bay leaves.  He filled his bucket!

 Like Grandma ~ Tristan LOVES bread..Save some for me!!
 We made valentine cookies.  He had to roll his out on his table.
 We made Valentines on Library Day.
 Tristan found my make up bag...We called this his "Silly Face"
 A drive to Medford and saw snow at the summit.
 It was a winter wonderland on the drive.  I was there 28 days, and saw the sun for four of them.  Good thing I found that raincoat at the Thrift Store.
I had a nice surprise on Valentines Day, as flowers were delivered to me from my dearest.

It was a wonderful month.  It was truly a "God Thing" and visiting with our daughter, her hubby and Tristan such a treat!!!