Saturday, May 20, 2017


The precious words of God revealed in his Holy Word.

Isaiah 55:11  "So is my word that goes out from my mouth;  It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it."

Your Word is alive and creative, Lord.  Like rain and snow, it goes forth from You in productive power, fulfills its destiny and return to You again overflowing with its harvest: the high praises of Your people whom You save, deliver and bless,  Drench us, Father, in your Word.  Nurture us in its instruction and power so that we can discern Your will for our lives.  I love You.  Amen.

 "God did not write a book and send it by messenger to be read at a distance by unaided minds.  He spoke a book and lives in his spoken words, constantly speaking his words and causing the power of them to persist across the years."  ~~A.W. Tozer (1897-1963)

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


They met in Kindergarten.  Our grandson Marc and his bride to be, Amanda will be married on July 1st.  They attended Calvary Chapel Christian School from K-12.  

They started dating their last two years of high school, and have not had other boyfriends or girlfriends since.  They are a sweet Christian couple and have honored Christ in their relationship.
She had a beautiful bridal shower Saturday and I'm so excited to have a new granddaughter and pray their marriage will be as sweet as their love story.

A sweet love story indeed!

Monday, May 15, 2017


I found this poem on my desk Sunday Morning!  What a special "homemade" card from my dearest and his love for me.  To good not to share his poetic expertise......

Image result for mother's day
Poems are sweet but not always complete,
Songs are swell but never totally tell,
Words convey but never fully say,
Thoughts are kind but sometimes lack time,
Imagination is great but not always adequate,
Memories are fine when you can call them to mind,
Time is limited so I feel inhibited to fully explain the joy I feel in this articulation of my admiration for the woman I love who was sent from above.  Happy Mother's Day to my bride, my wife and the wonderful mother of our children.   ~ Love without limits, Don 
(is that not just precious)

Then Issac and Matthew gave me a very special gift with much meaning....The card said they love my cookies, and this gift made them think of me.  They are wonderful great grandsons.

A large measuring cup ~ that says "In Grandmother's Kitchen love is homemade"

Saturday, May 13, 2017


Image may contain: 4 people
 Celebrating Mother's Day ~ Thought you might like to see my mom when she was the age I am now and me in my 40's.   She was a lovely and gentle lady, a faithful wife, and excellent mother and grandma.

This picture was taken in our oldest daughter's back yard.  These are Michel's two oldest children.  Michael, who is now a father of our great grandsons, and Monique who has been married for almost 3 years.

Where does the time seems only yesterday that I held my children to by breast and smelled the wonderful baby smell.

Life is hard, and every day new situations seem to trouble us, but on Mother's Day.... I reflect on the blessing of my children.  Michel, Julie Myk and Jill.  I gave you life....but you have so blessed mine.
I love you all to the moon and far heaven where my dear mother lives in everlasting glory.


Thursday, May 11, 2017


Panko Crusted Tilapia, fresh asparagus and sweet potatoes. 
One of our favorite meals.

Growing up we had chickens and always had plenty of eggs.  My mom would make egg custard pie often, and I loved it.  For some reason I seldom make it, but was just graving it last night.
However, mine doesn't look like my moms...haha.  For some reason, one side wanted to get done faster.  But it didn't hurt the taste any.  A piece for dinner, and this morning a piece for breakfast...Win~Win.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


The theme for this week "Potted Plant"

Simple watercolor using greens, blues and lavenders.  Wanted something soft and fluid.

To see an array of potted plants, just click on my Scribble Picnic Badge and enjoy!

Sunday, May 7, 2017


Saturday was a wonderful day.  The women of the church put on a "Spring Fling" and I was ask to decorate and hostess a table.  We were given the liberty to chose how we would decorate our table as long at we kept with the theme of "Spring".

My daughter helped me and we decided on "Gardening" for our table theme.  Each place had a cute Welcome Sign you can hang in your garden, a pair of garden gloves that had a label that said "Bloom Kindness where you are planted".  
 The center piece was a basket of succulents and cactus and on one side a straw hat.
We also added some gardening tools and a bag of potting soil.  A little wooden sign saying "Always be Kind".   Kindness was the theme of the message that was given, and also the theme of the Women's Bible Study.

My daughters Michel, Julie and the daughter of my heart, Chelenne and her mother were able to join me for the luncheon.  What a special day it was.  After the luncheon they all came over the Treehouse and we visited for the rest of the day!!!  I am such a bless woman and so grateful for my family.

Saturday, May 6, 2017


 "I am content, O Father, to leave my life in Thy hands, believing that the very hairs on my head are numbered by Thee.  I am content to give over my will to Thy control, believing that I can find in Thee a righteousness that I could never have won for myself.  I am content to leave all my dear ones to Thy care, believing that Thy love for them is greater than my own.  I am content to leave in Thy hands the causes of truth and of justice, and the coming of Thy Kingdom in the hearts of men, believing that my ardour for them is but a feeble shadow of Thy purpose.  To Three, O God, be glory forever.  Amen."

This old style of speaking is so different to the way we communicate today, but I've been blessed for too many years to remember by this small but powerful Prayer Book ~ A Diary of Private Prayer by John Baillie.  It's been my daily prayer journal, along with with other journals and I'm now on my 4th book. (Amazon used books) Since they have a blank page on each day, they are filled with my heartfelt prayers and hopefully the legacy to leave to my family.

Do you keep a prayer journal.  I find that if I write out my prayers, I'm not so distracted.  Usually when I pray without the focus of writing it out, I think about what's for dinner, the laundry, the grocery list, the dog barking...on and on...for me, writing them out helps me keep at the task.  If I am interrupted, when I go back I know where I left off...  Also when I go back and re-read my old journals, I see how many prayers have been answered, and that give me new hope!


Thursday, May 4, 2017


Tree trimming at the Villa.  This is our wonderful shade tree being trimmed down much more than I would have liked, but then we don't own the Villa (HaHa).  He was a pleasant fellow, and let me take his picture, and then continued "butchering" my tree house.  Thank heaven it will grow back nicely.

It reminds me of the verses in John 15:1-2 when Jesus says "I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener.  He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes, so that it will be even more fruitful."

To show my goodwill, I did take down cookies for the trimmers and did not mention that I thought they "over did it"!  HaHa


Wednesday, May 3, 2017


  "The Red Door"

The word for this week is "DOOR".  It was time for me to get serious about my art, so a trip to Michael's to get some needed supplies.  Some watercolor paper, sketch pencils and sharpies

I started with a sheet of watercolor paper and taped it to my art board.  I wanted to get back into drawing people again, especially children.  Decided to have a child in the doorway, but only put color on the door since that was the theme.

Because I took more time to work on this one, that's helping me with my discipline that a project doesn't have to be a race to the finish.  I actually took several days on this one.

** the sunlight on his head, face and door ~ I took the picture of my painting out on the balcony....I like the "real sunlight" touch.

To see all the doors just click on the Scribble Picnic Badge on my sidebar.

Monday, May 1, 2017


Dropped off Molly at the Groomers and then my dearest took me to MiMi's for breakfast.  First things first ~  start out with a vanilla latte.

We each ordered something different and shared.   Ham, mushroom, egg and brie crepes, and pancakes.
 My dearest told our waiter that it was my birthday, and he brought me a complimentary piece of birthday cake with a candle.  We were brought it home and had it tonight with a nice cup of coffee.

When we got home, a package was delivered.  Yes, Sherrie's Berries and cheesecakes.  I see that a strawberry is was delicious!!  Will take our time enjoying these over the next few days.

But my favorite gift was "76 Trombones"  My dearest ask me what I wanted for my Birthday, and I said "76 Trombones".  When I got up this morning he had The Music Man YouTube on his computer (full screen) playing my song!!!! It was the original 1962 version with Shirley Jones!!  That made my day.

Truly a wonderful Birthday.


Today the first bloom on my cactus opened completely to help me celebrate 76 years!  Born on May Day 1941, and named Wanda Mae.

What a wonderful life I have had.  What makes a wonderful life?   Marvelous mountains of joy, and the deep pits of despair.  Yes both.  If we didn't experience the pits, how would we ever know the joys of the mountain tops!

My life has been filled with both, and I have volumes of Prayer Journals to prove it..but in this winter season of my life, as I take time to relax and read through those old journals I realize that  ~ as the songs says ~ THROUGH IT ALL ~ I was never alone.  God was moving and working and doing little miracles and big miracles and answering a ton of prayers. 

Are there things I would change if I could...of course, wouldn't we all.  But life is a school of learning and my text book has been the Bible and it has been the compass that has guided my life.

I don't often write seriously (with the exception of my Sunday Posts), because I have wanted my blog to be a safe place, and happy place, a place of encouragement.  But over the past few months, we have lost several dear friends, and you think about your own mortality.

I have been blessed with more loving family and friends than I deserve and my blog family has been such an encouragement since my first post in 2007.

So take time to count your blessing today~  I am, and you are on that list.

Saturday, April 29, 2017


Proverbs 19:21  "Many are the plans in a mans heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails."

Sovereign Lord, as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are Your ways higher than our ways and Your thoughts than our thoughts.  So I surrender my will to Your will and I pray that only Your purposes will be accomplished in my life." ~~~Not my will but yours be done. 


Thursday, April 27, 2017


Is this not the cutest muffin pan you've every seen?  It's pottery and hand painted.  I don't think I will use it to bake the muffins, but to serve them.  Besides being a great find and adorable it was only $1.95 at our Community Thrift store.


A very nice surprise at the Dollar Store ~ pretty glass plates for a dollar ~ got four.

The ledge outside my kitchen window needed something ~ I think this filled the bill.

I really love our stairway in Spring...

Have a thing for Yellow this Spring ~ so pulled out my yellow and green quilt for the bed.  Nice change!

I'm cactus just produced a second bloom!!!
Last but not least ~ a Random Act of Kindness.  I was at the Dollar Store and the last bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar was on the top shelf at the very back.  I went to the front an ask for help.  They called for Customer Service and a very nice young lady met me with a step ladder.  I joking said "To bad I wasn't born beautiful instead of short"... She laughed an gave me a nice compliment that I was beautiful, and reminded her of her mom, who always fixed her hair and wore makeup.  Then she went on to tell me her mother had just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  I ask her if I could pray for her mom right there, and did.  I came home and couldn't get her off my mind...the Lord prompted me to take it a step further, so I made a loaf of banana bread, and wrote a card, sharing my concern and the gospel.  Added a "Daily Bread" devotional and delivered it this morning.  She was overjoyed, and said she was off tomorrow and would visit her mom and share the bread and card.
My new rule ~ If the Lord prompts you to do something ~ DO IT!

Hope you have a great week.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


The Old Oak Tree ~ Christmas 2000

The word for Scribble Picnic this week is "Tree".  I've been out of town and came home to a very busy week and I remembered the Christmas Card I designed for 2000 of an old oak tree.  This is one of my favorite paintings so sharing it with you this week for "Tree".

To see all the other "Trees" just click on the Scribble Picnic Badge on my sidebar.

Monday, April 24, 2017


Our trip up North for the funeral of our dear friend Bret Conner was a truly God blessed service.  He was a retired mounted police officer and the Bagpipes, and mounted horses led the procession to the graveside.  So very touching, I can hardly type as I remember the emotions I felt.

Thank you for your love and prayers, as many of you have held us in your hearts and prayers over the past months as we have lost several dear friends.   The good news is they are celebrating in Heaven and God gets the glory.

On now to a busy week.  Today I'm making Banana Bread and Muffins for the husband of our manager at the Villa.  He didn't want a birthday cake...he wanted my Banana bread.  So be it!!!


Friday, April 21, 2017


 I John 4:19-21 "We love because he first loved us.  If anyone says, "I love God" yet hates his brother, he is a liar.  For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen.  And he has given us this command:  Whoever loves God, must also love his brother."

Lord, so many times it's so easy to love You.  You are holy.  You are loving.  You are just.  But loving others can be hard, especially when they are unloving or unkind.  But your command is straight forward...If we say we love YOU, then it has to be demonstrated to those around us.  Only YOU working through us can accomplish that task.  I pray today, that you will so fill my life, that the overflow will touch anyone who comes in my path.  I love you Father, and want to be Your faithful servant.  Amen.

Once you say the yes of faith to Jesus
and accept his blueprint for the fullness of life,
the whole world can no longer revolve around you,
your needs, your gratifications:  
you will have to revolve around the world,
seeking to bandage its wounds,
loving dead men into life,
finding the lost,
wanting the unwanted,
and leaving far behind all the selfish,
parasitical concerns which drain
our time and energies.
~~John Powell (1927-)

Taking a quick trip up to Northern CA for the funeral of a dear friend.  The family have ask my dearest to do the service.  Our children grew up with this family and so Myk and Julie are going with us and doing the driving.  That is a blessing.  Please pray for the Conner family with this loss of a loved one.

Image from

Monday, April 17, 2017


Yellow tulips found there way into my cart while shopping~~
Once in while, my Cactus decides to bloom.  Just a bud now, but a full bloom soon!

Hoping this is a good week for everyone!  
Thought for the day ~


Saturday, April 15, 2017


Luke 24:5-8  "In their fright the women bowed down with their faces to the ground, but the men said to them, "Why do you look for the living among the dead?  HE IS NOT HERE; HE HAS RISEN!  Remember how he told you when he was still with you in Galilee.  "The Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, be crucified and on the third day be raised again" ~~~Then they remembered his words."

All praise to You, Jesus Christ, risen Savior. You triumphed over death and hell.  You are the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  Forgiveness and salvation are Yours.  You have redeemed us and made us holy in the sight of God.  Grace and peace flow from You.  In You and through You we find strength and blessing and abundant life.  Let all of heaven and earth declare Your praise as the RISEN SON OF GOD, THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD!  We love you, Amen.


 We attended a Seder Thursday night at church and this little bouquet on the table was given to me.  Real daffodils.
 Haven't had a chance to get back to Trader Joe's, so bought a bouquet of "fake" daffodil's at the Dollar Store...actually they look pretty on the table.

 My cooking class this week did not include "cooking" but a summer salad that most of you have probably made in some form.  "Orange Fluff"

16 oz carton of cottage cheese
1 (3 oz) pkg orange jello (any flavor can be used)
1 (20 oz) can crushed pineapple (well drained)
1 (12 0z) carton whipped topping
1 small can mandarin oranges (cut in small pieces)

Sprinkle dry jello over cottage cheese and mix well.  Add the drained pineapple and mandarin oranges.  Fold in whipped topping.  Chill at least 30 minutes, but over night is better.

We had a nice group of 9 ladies for the class.  And I served chicken salad sandwiches and chips with the Orange Fluff.  It was a big hit.  The one we ate I made the night before.  The one we made in class they each got to take home a container.

 The view from my kitchen window ~ where I spend a lot of time.  Love this view.

The view from the Balcony ~ another favorite spot.

Looking forward to Resurrection Sunday tomorrow.   He is Alive!!! Bless His Holy Name.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Wednesday, April 12, 2017



Long ago in a dense part of the meadow, a mother rabbit gave birth to five bunnies.  Four boys and one little girl.

It was quite a surprise to find her sweet little girl was born without a tail.  All her brothers had fuzzy tails, but not little sister.  As she got older she noticed she was the only bunny in the meadow without a tail.  She cried to her mommy that she didn't like being different with no tail.  Mother, held her close and said it was because she was very special.  She was lovely like a flower.

The next day mother called her little girl in and told her to turn around.  I have made something very special for you.  Instead of an ordinary fuzzy bunny tail, I crocheted you  a  flower tail with many colors and from now on we will call you "Flower".  From that day on she was known as flower and realized just how special she was.  The End!

The theme this week was "rabbit" and when I was shopping at Kirkland Home, I saw a sign with a bunny with a flower for a tail.  I wanted something very simple so used measuring cups for my circles.   This was my inspiration for the painting, and the story just came to my head while I was doing it. 

This was a fun project this week.  I love bunnies and I love making up stories.  Maybe that has something to do with having 12 grandchildren, HaHa

To see all the other "rabbits" just click on the Scribble Picnic on my sidebar.  Hope you find some bunny eggs this weekend.

Monday, April 10, 2017


I knew that I wanted a white rug with a touch of grey and I was unsuccessful at many stores.  Right color ~ wrong size.  Right size ~ wrong color.  But today.. good things come to those who wait...I found the right size and color at Marshall's.

It brings light into the room and since it's under the coffee table won't get tramped on and should stay cleaner that way.
A new yellow lemon cake candle from Kirkland Home was the final touch.  I'm a happy camper.  In fact I was so happy I made an apple pie.  Won't you come sit on my couch and share a piece of pie?

Click to enlarge and see the bunnies

Michel gave me two cute bunny towels for the kitchen.  Don't you love the carrot sunglasses?