Saturday, December 10, 2016


 I have several Nativity Scenes, but this is the smallest, and very special.  It was given to me by a Missionary friend.  If comes from Africa, and the figures are made of straw and small bits of fabric.

There is Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.  One Shepherd, Three Wise Men, a donkey and two sheep.

They all fit nicely in the small straw box you see to the side. 

This is a close up of the little donkey.  You can see how small he is in my hand.  Isn't he precious.
The final touch on the Persimmon Bread...some drizzle and crushed walnuts.  A bucket of cookies ready.  Chocolate chip, and Oatmeal.
In the background is another of my Nativity Scenes.  This one is on a "Scroll".

Have a blessed Sunday.


  1. Lovely nativity scene with special meaning to you.

  2. Wanda, What a sweet little set. I have never seen anything like it. I bet that holds a very special place in your heart. xo Diana

  3. Are your comments so tiny for everyone?
    Wish I had a baking buddy like you.

  4. I have a nativity set from Kenya too. I love it. Yours is so simple and meaningful.

  5. Wanda, I love the nativities. You bread turned out so good. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  6. What a dear little Nativity. So precious. And the scroll one is beautiful, too. You have a lovely variety.
    And YUM to the baking!

  7. It is definitely persimmon season. My husband is eating them daily. Love your sweet little nativity set. I just got one of mine out today that is made of olive wood from Bethlehem. Happy holidays!

  8. It's a wonderful time of year and the snow is coming down in Toronto right now!

  9. Those are so precious and glad you put one in your hand so we could fully appreciate the size. I love that little box they come in too. Very sweet...and full of sentiment too, coming from your missionary friends. Perfect for a nativity. I love it!


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