Wednesday, November 2, 2016


 The church where Howard's Memorial service was held has a "Day Care" that is unbelievable.  This Safari Land is behind the church where the children who attend must have a blast every day!

This is where the trail begins.  I was so impressed I walked around and took several pictures.  It was a Saturday so school was not in session.
 Animals were everywhere, and the trails and animals looked so real. 

There was also an area for having lunch or a snack.

I think this monkey was wondering where all the kids were!  HaHa

A "Hippo" in a fake cement.

 A majestic Lion guarding the entrance and parking lot.

And as we were leaving, out came a Zebra to say goodbye.

The name of the church is "The Bridge" and they really went all out for their Day Care School.

We are off again....a trip up North for a wedding.  My dearest is going to preform the ceremony for a dear girl Dani, that we've know since she was born.  She wanted Pastor Don to marry her and Jon, so off on another trip...I guess that's what retired life is and what retired preachers do!!


  1. that is an amazing place, lucky children!! I think you have a wonderful retirement,

  2. Wanda, That's a beautiful day care area. I think it's sweet that Dani want your husband and you there for the wedding. Enjoy. Be safe. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. Wouldn't it be fun to attend that day care. Safe journey for you two.

  4. What a fun theme for a day care! So well done, too! Safe travels!

  5. This is adorable. What a fantastic idea for a daycare.

  6. I love this day care. So well done and the name of the church is the best. Just last week I told Alan that we should start a church and call it The Bridge, because Jesus is our bridge to God. The bible says that no man comes to the Father except by Jesus. Of course we are too old to start anything! Have a great trip up north.

  7. What a nice place for children (and adults)! I love Zebras and so I find your last photo the absolute best!!!!!

  8. You two are busy bees for sure. Safe travels and enjoy your time.
    That is some Day Care. the kids must really love it,


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