Monday, October 3, 2016


 Friday night we had a marvelous time at my sister Donna's home with a delicious dinner she made and a visit with our nephew Scott and his wife Yvonne.  Wonderful family time.  Then Saturday morning a beautiful drive to our favorite spot, the cabin at Lake Tahoe.  The sun was shinning and we basked in it and got settled in.

 The view from the bay window in the cabin is something we never tire of. 

As we pulled into the parking lot at Raley's grocery store the Fall colors of reds, orange and yellow filled the lot.

Back at the cabin, groceries put away, and after a nice lunch, we noticed the weather beginning to change.  The wind came up, the white caps bigger and it looked like a storm was coming in!

 Sure enough ~~ we could see it coming across the lake and wondered if we might get a dusting of snow.
 And we did.  Don went outside a took a picture of our car and you can see the snow coming down.
 This is the drive down to the cabin, and the snow by now had started to stick to the ground.

 A few hours later, the storm lifted, the lake went back to a peaceful silver and the clouds began to rise.
The sun came out, and we enjoyed two seasons in the same day.   Fall and Winter.  Only in Tahoe!  HaHa.  We are loving our time and it's only the first day.  What will tomorrow hold.  I'll be sharing that soon.


  1. Wanda, Oh my , I am not ready for snow sweet girl. Strange to see it so soon. Glad you had a nice cabin with a view. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. So pretty, but I always think that Lake Tahoe is beautiful no matter what the weather.

  3. snow already! Well, beautiful fall colours anyway.

  4. That's wild! Better you than I. Enjoy a wonderful getaway to THE LAKE and I hope that autumn days prevail.

  5. What an amazing weather experience! I'm certain God planned it just for you!

  6. Isn't Mother Nature a prankster? :-)
    Great photos... what a beautiful place.


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