Sunday, July 31, 2016


Our time in Tombstone was a step back in history.  A ride in the stagecoach through the streets that looked like they did so many years ago.

Meeting Marshall Wyatt Earp, his brothers, and Doc Holiday.  And the newest member if the team on the far right. Deputy Don.

We watched a great drama of the shoot out at the OK Coral.  They are giving us a little information before the start of the show.  That famous gun battle lasted all of 30 seconds.  

That afternoon we drove to Bisbee where we had reservations at the Copper Queen Hotel.  Another step into history.
They have tried to keep the hotel looking like it did when it was in it's hayday!  This is a peek at our bathroom, and the claw foot tub.  Loved it!!

The Lobby of the Hotel was full of interesting museum pieces.
Kris and I have not lost our love of drama, and told our cowboy friends (Ted and Don) to meet us at the bottom of the stairs for dinner. We pretended we were wearing flowing gowns and large hats as we swayed out way down the staircase.  
The Hotel manger and assistant said they loved the drama and could see our fantasy ~~haha

This is the most time we have spent together since college.  What a treasure this time was.  Memories for a lifetime.

Of course what would be a trip without some shopping?  You can see Don and Ted could not keep up!  
Hope you enjoyed our trip.  We sure did!!


  1. Boy oh boy, what a trip!
    I can only imagine the non stop laughter, talk and memories.
    Cherish each day.

  2. It sounds like a great fun trip and I'm pleased your enjoyed it.

  3. Love your sashaying down the stairs! Divas reunited!

  4. wow that brought back memories. We use to go to Tombstone a lot as my dad lived there after my mom died. We spent many an hour in the Crystal Palace, Ringo's, Legends, Big Nose Kate. And, loved our quick side trips to Bisbee. Love your dramatic entrance down the steps.

  5. I so LOVe that you did that pretend down the stairs! how fun and keeps you young too. Good stuff. Yes, been to Tombstone. What a place! I hope you took a good long soak in that tub! ?


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