Tuesday, June 7, 2016


A few weeks ago I attended a workshop at church on Appetizers to Enjoy.  I mentioned when I did a cooking class at the Villa using the recipes I would share them with all of you.  Well my class is tomorrow so this morning I was doing all my "prep" work. 
The picture above is the "Tortilla Roll Ups".  
A closeup of the cream cheese and salsa spread.  sliced Roma tomatoes,  avocados, grated cheese and cilantro.  One side only.

The art of the "roll up"  HaHa  Nice and tight

Wrap tightly in stretch wrap and refrigerate over night.  Slice in one inch slices and place on a pretty plate.  (Recipe at the bottom)

Ham Roll Ups

Spread Ham luncheon meat with whipped cream cheese.  Add green onions sliced thin lengthwise

Place rolls on a plate and cover with stretch wrap and refrigerate until ready to use.  Then cut in slices, secure with a toothpick and arrange on a pretty plate.

How easy is that??

Tortilla Roll Ups

1 pkg. (10-12) flour tortillas 8-10" in diameter
1 to 2 ~8oz pkgs. cream cheese
Salsa (1 medium jar or make/buy fresh
4-5 roma tomatoes - thinly sliced
2-3 large avocados sliced into wedges and 
sprinkle with lemon juice.
cheddar cheese/pepper jack cheese grated
Cilantro - roughly chopped.
(Mix room temp. cream cheese and salsa with electric mixer.)

One tortilla will yield about 8 servings.
 (The pictures above show the process)

Ham Roll Ups

1 - 8oz pkg. ham luncheon meat
1 bunch green onions ( sliced lengthwise)
1 small container of whipped cream cheese

**Be sure to pat luncheon meet with paper towel as it is very wet from the container.  Then spread the whipped cream.  I found the back of a spoon spreads easier than a knife.  Lay sliced green onions and roll up tight.  Refrigerate, slice in 1 inch and secure with a toothpick.



  1. That looks pretty easy! How did your friends like them?

    1. Time consuming, but easy. The cooking class is Wed. at 11 AM. Also doing Carrot Cake and cream cheese frosting. Pictures of tomorrow.

      BYW ~ after I found my old camera, I was gifted a new Cannon PowerShoot 180. So very slimline and nice. Loving it.

  2. The class will love those tomorrow! Both of them sound yummy to me! And I love that all the work is done the day before!

    1. Yes, because they need to be refrigerated over night I needed to make a batch to eat, and also doing a batch for them to watch. Also doing carrot cake. While it bakes, we do the appetizers. Busy day!!!

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  4. Prep work is the only way to go. The roll ups are perfect appetizers...lucky people they get carrot cake too. Yummm.
    So you got a new camera! You really needed one. Keep the other one as your back up when the new one goes missing...HaHa

  5. Ooh, how fun to see you actually preparing the dish in the kitchen. the master at work!

  6. I LOVE these!!! I will be back tomorrow to print the recipes off! These will be perfect for my 'Quad Tea Parties!!'
    Loved the photos!! I am just finishing Julia Child's book 'My Life in France!' Love people who LOVE to cook!!!

  7. Fun to watch the process. I am hungry now. I know thw class will love everything - and carrot cake to boot!

  8. OMG your appetizers llok delicious!!
    Have a nice day

  9. They look great, except for the cilantro, I'm one of those who think cilantro is a tool of the devil and tastes like the basement.

  10. Wanda, Great job. They look tasty too. Easy for a nice treat when friends are over. Blessings, xoxo, Susie


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