Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Several of my younger girlfriends have shared with me some of the symptoms and frustrations of menopause.  After listening carefully I realized I have "blogopause".   

I feel frustration when I can't think of anything to blog.  I feel fat when all I can find to blog about is food.  I feel guilty that I will let my blog friends down if I don't post every day.  I find I'm moody and sometimes just want to hit the delete button and stop blogging altogether.

Have you ever experienced "blogopause"?  Are you like me, going through it right now?  What's the cure?  

I think I need to get out, take my camera and find something NEW to blog about.  Well, the opportunity has come, and I'm very excited.

We will be taking a trip to Lake Tahoe.  Although we have been there many times, and I have a storehouse of pictures of Tahoe, this trip is different.   First of all, the reason for the trip at this time is our dear friends that own the cabin at Tahoe are celebrating 50 years of marriage, and want to renew their vows on the beach at the cabin.  They have ask Don to officiate and invited us to spend 4th of July with them.  (new pictures of vows on the beach)

We have never been to Tahoe on 4th of July.....Fireworks  (more pictures)

Dropping off Molly on the way at Pismo Beach.  My cousin and her husband spend the summer at their RV there.  They love Molly and will keep her for us.  They have a chocolate lab, "Chocco" and he and Molly are good friends.  (more pictures)

Also another project I'm considering is developing a cook book.
 "Cooking for Two".  It came to me that there are two times in our lives that we cook for two.  When we first get married, before the kids, and when your are retired and it just the two of you. 

I think the subtitle could be "Love Birds and Old Farts".

I'm feeling better already!!!  HaHa


Monday, June 27, 2016


Our great grandson, Issac, turned 9 this week.  Having a birthday in the summer means a "Swim Party" and that's just what he had.

Happy Birthday Issac.  I can't believe you are nine.  It seems like yesterday I held a tiny little boy in my arms.  

You are very special!

Thursday, June 23, 2016


College sweethearts became husband and wife June 24th 1961

55 years later, still sweethearts, with four children, 10 grandchildren and 2 great grandsons.  We've been through the good, bad and the ugly as every life experiences, but when we said our vows in 1961 ~ we meant them, and one thing that never wavered, whatever life threw at us, was our deep love for each other and our deep love and faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Happy Anniversary to my dearest.  I choose us!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Berry Cobbler for Two!   I had my half for breakfast!

I call it "retirement" cooking.  I love making dessert for two.  Why?  Because I could eat a full size berry cobbler by myself.  HaHa.

Monday, June 20, 2016


The theme for Creative Tuesday is "A Time for Tea (or coffee)"
I love the way The English say "cuppa tea."  It has such a nice ring to it.  I have enjoyed a box of England's No. 1 Tea, PG tips for some time now.  My original box was from our host Michael several years ago when I won one of his "giveaways".  I found a store that sells it here, so always keep a box handy.

This is my little Art Studio.  The kitchen counter, with my little French Chefs looking on!  The box of PG in the background was my model.   Will you join me for a "cuppa"?

To see all the other Tea Times, just click on the CT badge on my sidebar.


 Vacation Bible School 2016 ~ History.  A great week and a wonderful closing program on Friday night.  Tons of cup cakes sporting clouds and rainbows were a reminder to everyone the promise of the Rainbow after the flood that the entire earth would never be flooded again.

 A free dinner of hot dogs, chips and watermelon was served to all before the program began.

 All the children wearing their tee shirts enjoyed the dinner and were eager to share what they had learned with their parents.  We had a full house and it was a joy and fun as the children shared all the songs and verses and truths they had learned about Noah.

On the lighter side...HaHa...my dearest saw tee shirts for sale in the foyer before the program.  He saw this colorful tee shirt for $5 and pick an Extra Large....the problem, he didn't realize they were the children's tees and X-large was meant for 5th and 6th graders.
He took it in the men's restroom and Squeezed into it, and wondered by X-large was so form fitting...but he wore it anyway.  What a trooper...he was the ONLY adult in a kids shirt.  How I love this man!!!!!  He's my big kid.
I was just to pooped to blog the last days of VBS, but with a new cut, body perm, and a few mornings sleeping in.... I think I'm as good as new.

Father's Day was special, as all our kids (except Jill in Oregon) and a few grandkids joined us at Church and then a wonderful Mexican lunch.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


 The decorations for VBS are so adorable.  This is the stage for all the group activities, stories and songs.  The "divers" come through the black door.

The "Hammer Head" shark is ready to NAIL obedience.

This is the entrance into the sanctuary.

These are the large windows in the foyer of the church.
 Our craft room, all set up and ready to make our little sailboats.
 I so wish I could show you the darling faces of the children, but it's obvious I cannot do that on the blog since I have no way to get permission from the parents.  This is Jessica.  She is the leader of crafts and also my Women's Bible Study teachers on Tuesdays.
(Aren't the tee shirts cute)

 The kids were very creative in painting their boats.  No two were alike.
This is the craft we did in the picture of the children above.  They had to use there imaginations to build a boat out of a sheet of foil.  Then see if it would float, and to see if it would hold all ten beads they were given.  These two girls made it work.  Young boat builders.

Not nearly as tired today.  Think I'm over the initial shock of getting up early, and not stop for a few hours.  It was a good day!  Looking forward to tomorrow.  Thanks for coming along.

Monday, June 13, 2016


 I volunteered to work in VBS this year at our church.  The theme is "Ocean Commotion" the story of Noah and the Ark.  All the helpers have navy blue tee shirts, and the kids shirts look like tie die oceans.

 I'm working in the "Craft" department with several others.  We are making "ocean bottles" with oil, water and blue coloring.
 We also made "Light houses".  Lots of cutting and gluing and sticky fingers. HaHa.
 Tables are set up for tomorrow where we will be making little sailboats.
They are really cute.  But that means helping the children paint, and put together their sail and learn the memory verse.
 Each of the craft workers got a "Faithful Servant" apron and name badge.   Ready to go to work!!

After the flood subsided and the sun came out....the promise that the entire world would not be flooded again was the "Rainbow".  This is hanging on the wall in the craft room.

It was a great first day.....but I'm pooped!  Sure I'll be rested and up and ready to go at 7:45 AM tomorrow.

Sunday, June 12, 2016


 Dear Lord, "life passes, riches fly away, popularity is fickle, the senses decay, the world changes.  One alone is true to us; one alone can be all things to us; one alone can supply our need."  Thank you Jesus for being the ONE and only.  I love You.  Amen

Quote from Cardinal John Henry Newman (1801-1890)

PS I just saw the news of the horrible shooting in Orlando FL.   Please join me in prayer for all the families involved.  So very sad ~ our world is upside down.

Saturday, June 11, 2016


A good Saturday morning to you all!  Does a bouquet of fresh flowers make you happy?  They do me!  I bought this bunch yesterday at Trader Joe's when picking up a few items.  I got the vase at the Thrift Store the other day for $1.
 Finished off the last of the appetizers and fruit we had at the cooking class.  Will have to make these again.  

Small pork roast in the crock pot for pulled pork sandwiches tonight.
When I was at Trader Joe's I saw these "mini buns" and thought that would be perfect for the pulled pork sandwiches since both Don and I are trying to do "smaller portions" these days.  I added some cold slaw to each sandwich, and it was a yummy meal.

What is on your agenda for Saturday?

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


 The cooking class this morning was a very fun and tasty time.  The appetizers were a big success, and the carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting somehow disappeared!!
 One of the ladies brought a large bowl of fresh fruit and it just completed our brunch.

 The clubhouse is the perfect place to hold a cooking class as it has a full kitchen and a very comfortable room.

I made the cupcakes yesterday so they could get the taste of the carrot cake I was baking.  Here I'm just getting ready to make the cake.  While the cake baked (45 minutes) I demonstrated the appetizers.

My dearest took the pictures with my new camera and also enjoyed watching and tasting....

I love that I'm given this opportunity.   I enjoy doing it, and gives those who attend a little extra social time, some hands on teaching and then some tasty eating.  Win~Win.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


A few weeks ago I attended a workshop at church on Appetizers to Enjoy.  I mentioned when I did a cooking class at the Villa using the recipes I would share them with all of you.  Well my class is tomorrow so this morning I was doing all my "prep" work. 
The picture above is the "Tortilla Roll Ups".  
A closeup of the cream cheese and salsa spread.  sliced Roma tomatoes,  avocados, grated cheese and cilantro.  One side only.

The art of the "roll up"  HaHa  Nice and tight

Wrap tightly in stretch wrap and refrigerate over night.  Slice in one inch slices and place on a pretty plate.  (Recipe at the bottom)

Ham Roll Ups

Spread Ham luncheon meat with whipped cream cheese.  Add green onions sliced thin lengthwise

Place rolls on a plate and cover with stretch wrap and refrigerate until ready to use.  Then cut in slices, secure with a toothpick and arrange on a pretty plate.

How easy is that??

Tortilla Roll Ups

1 pkg. (10-12) flour tortillas 8-10" in diameter
1 to 2 ~8oz pkgs. cream cheese
Salsa (1 medium jar or make/buy fresh
4-5 roma tomatoes - thinly sliced
2-3 large avocados sliced into wedges and 
sprinkle with lemon juice.
cheddar cheese/pepper jack cheese grated
Cilantro - roughly chopped.
(Mix room temp. cream cheese and salsa with electric mixer.)

One tortilla will yield about 8 servings.
 (The pictures above show the process)

Ham Roll Ups

1 - 8oz pkg. ham luncheon meat
1 bunch green onions ( sliced lengthwise)
1 small container of whipped cream cheese

**Be sure to pat luncheon meet with paper towel as it is very wet from the container.  Then spread the whipped cream.  I found the back of a spoon spreads easier than a knife.  Lay sliced green onions and roll up tight.  Refrigerate, slice in 1 inch and secure with a toothpick.


Monday, June 6, 2016


The little News boy sitting on his stack of papers yelling out "Extra, Extra" was one of the treasures we love having that was Don's moms.  I did a pencil sketch which is not my most comfortable, but I'm trying to stretch my artist envelope.

He sits on a shelf in our bedroom that my son made us when he was in wood shop in the 7th grade.  Since the theme for Creative Tuesday is "Children" I wantes to share a few of my watercolor children from past years.  I do love painting children.

To see all the children that other artists have entered for this theme, just click on the CT badge on my sidebar.

I'm thinking I should take some pictures of the "cookie children" in my complex and give them a try in pencil or watercolor.

*click on pictures to enlarge