Saturday, April 16, 2016



I will be taking some time off.  The next few weeks are going to be wonderful, but completely filled with activities and events.
I'm celebrating 75 years of life on May 1st, and my family has put together a "Gala Event" to celebrate it.
The event is on April 24, and we have many guests coming, some from out of town and some flying in from out of state.  My dear sister is coming and staying with us and I want every minute with her so I will sign off for now, and share my wonderful party with lots of pictures when the dust settles and life returns to normal.

I will check my emails, so if you need to contact me, do it that way.


Below is the final Nugget


"Though the fig tree should not blossom, and there be no fruit on the vines, 
Though the yield of the olive should fail, and the fields produce no food,
Though the flock should be cut off from the fold, and there be no cattle in the stalls,
YET, I will exult in the Lord, I will rejoice in the God of my Salvation.  The Lord is my strength, And He had made my feet like hinds feet, and makes me walk on my high places."

REMEMBER:  When you face the WHY's in life, do what Habakkuk did ~
  • He told his honest doubts to God
  • He resolved to WAIT on God
  • He chose to TRUST God in the DARK
Only God knows some of the WHY's and we spend so much time trying to figure them out, or rationalizing the reason, when in truth, we share our honest doubts, God understands that, and the resolving to WAIT is usually the hardest part as the Dark around us seems forever.  The Why's may be the hardest thing we experience in our lives, but remember the Lord is our Strength.  He is infinite, we are we leave the results with Him.


I want to thank each one of you dear blog friends for hanging in there with me for 12 Lessons and Nuggets.  I pray that you will print these off, or at least refer to them often.  Remember, we are on a journey, it's a process and we need to just keep on "practicing" contentment, and enjoy the trip.  God Bless ~ Love and Hugs.


  1. Wanda, I want to wish you a happy birthday. I hope your family time is the best ever. You know some times I can't explain my faith..I just have always had it. I remember praying as child for shoes, clothes or something a child would pray for..I never got mad at God if I didn't get those things..for thru the years I have seen the blessings He has given me. I am thankful. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. wonderful lesson. Happy 75th when it comes Wanda, enjoy your time off.

  3. Happy 75th birthday, Wanda! I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and friends. Looking forward to seeing the pictures and hearing all about it. Thank you for the 12 nuggets.

  4. Happy Birthday!
    I love you.

  5. You are the youngest 75 year old I know Wanda! Wish you the greatest of days!

  6. wonderful lesson,, Happy Birthday to you!!
    Have the best time!!

  7. Happy Birthday Wanda, enjoy every minute of the celebrations to come.

  8. Happy birthday to a beautiful 75 year old woman who doesn't look near that. Enjoy all this wonderful time with your loved ones, friends and family. See you later!

  9. just want to stop by and wish you an early, happy birthday. may you have many more joyful years and adventures.

    have a lovely time off.

  10. Have a wonderful Birthday celebration !!!!! Birthday Hugs !!!!

  11. Happiest of Birthdays to you, dear Wanda. What fun that there are so many celebratory events and people to celebrate with. I have enjoyed your nuggets. Thank you for sharing them with us. I love you! xox

  12. Have a wonderful birthday Wanda, a great milestone, but many more to come.

  13. Wow 75 looks so good on you. Happy birthday and hope you enjoy your celebrations!

  14. How fun! Happy birthday celebrations....looks like you're going to celebrate in great style! :)

  15. So wish we could be there for the celebration!
    Enjoy every minute of it and I can't wait to see all the pictures.
    Enjoy your Sis and the many friends visiting.
    Love you dear friend.

  16. Happy 1941 baby you look Marvellous and act like such a lady your blog is wonderful..Many happy days, & Happy Birthday, you are quite the lady..Follow your blog daily!Many blessings from God and enjoy yourself!

  17. Happy 75th, Wanda! God bless you!

  18. beautiful lesson. bless you on your birthday, and always. enjoy your celebration, you deserve it.

  19. Celebrate BIG! You are beautiful! Can't believe that is your age! Have fun. Kick up those heels and dance alittle!

  20. WOW, Wanda! you do not look remotely like 75 but makes sense when you consider the age of the children etc. You ahve aged brilliantly, must say! I would put you at 10 years younger or more. :D Well done! Yes, time to seriously celebrate. So glad you have wonderful plans with loved ones to mark the occasion!


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