Monday, October 26, 2015


To know our son Myk is to love him.  He is he family comedian and always keeps us laughing.   This time it was his new hat.  

Those of you that know our son Myk know he is the owner and creator of a small business called "The Old Timer".  It's wooden rubberband guns, sling shots, and other toys like "Grandpa" used to make.  Individually made.

The little boy in him still loves to play and his new hat couldn't be better for his "Cowboy" toys.

His business has expanded to Knotts Berry Farm in So. CA and also ten large Buckee Stores in Texas along with smaller stores.  We are very proud of him.   He celebrated 50 this year, and his wife, Chelenne also had a October birthday, so we were celebrating both when we took these pictures.  My old man looks pretty good as a cowboy too, don't you think.

Every family has it shares of trials and troubles, but days like this when those things can be put on hold ~~we can just laugh with Big hats, Big smiles, and lots of Big love!  I love our family!!


  1. haha...that hat is HUGE!

    How wonderful that his business is expanding....

  2. Great and heart warming post, lovely family photos!

  3. Happy Birthday to your son and his wife you must be so proud! I've actually visited Knot's Berry Farm a long time ago!

  4. I've never been to Knott's Berry Farm, but I have heard of it and Buccees is big business. You have a handsome and savvy son who sounds like a lot of fun. Your "old man" does look handsome. I'm surprised you didn't pose with one of those hats. You are right on about the good and the hard times.

  5. Your son looks like a fun guy, and great that his business is expanding. Now we need a photo of you in the cowboy hat :)

  6. He does look like a fun guy - just as Terra said!!!
    I will look for his work in the Bucee's when I go south down the Interstate next month!!

  7. Happy birthday to your son, love the hat!

  8. Good looking family. Your son is doing very well to be selling in that many venues.I wish I could send you the plans for a whistle made from a tree branch...I think that would fit in with the cowboy toys. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  9. That is so well put, dear Wanda. Happy for you and him. So, weirdly enough, he is only about 3 or so months older than I in that case.

    Congrats to him. Keep on laughing.

    Now, only one thing here, we want to see YOU in that hat! hahaha. Now, me? NEVER. I don;t wear hats. Too big head and as it is, don't like to crush my curls, you know. :)

  10. He looks like such fun to be with, and congrats on his success. What a great idea to be involved in. Must make him feel like a big kid!
    I don't ever plan on growing up either. :-)
    I agree... we need a Wanda cowpoke pic!


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