Monday, September 28, 2015


I immediately knew what I had to do for the theme "Gifting".  It's a true story that touches my heart every time I share it.  The sketch is simple and done rather quickly, but the story will last a lifetime.

This is "Jimbo" and he was "GIFTED" to me when Elijah was about 6 or 7.  They were at our house up North for Easter, and when they arrived Elijah said he had a gift for me.  

As you can see from my sketch, the package was wrapped by him with all kinds of paper and miles of string and ribbon.  When I finally got it unwrapped I couldn't believe it was his favorite toy, a teddy bear he had since birth.

  I said " Elijah, you can't give me your teddy bear, he so special, you've had him since you were a baby."  To which he replied  patting my knee.  "Grandma, I'm a big boy now and you are old, I want you to have him."  I hugged him so tight, and accepted his GIFT OF LOVE.  Jimbo has a permanent place on my bed and will as long as I'm alive.

This is my Elijah now.  This was taken last Christmas.  And when I hear the word "Gifting"...Jimbo and Elijah will be my first thought!

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  1. ah, such a dear story!
    a sweet sketch of it too.

  2. that is beautiful, everything about it is beautiful,

  3. That is so sweet! Kids come up with the darndest things and that was truly a gift from the heart.

    You are the second person who has posted something about Tuesday and I have to keep checking the calendar to make sure I didn't miss Monday. :)

    Have a good week!

  4. Ok tears in my eyes Wanda, just love the thought behind this gift!

  5. How precious! What a treasure! How wonderful that you are still able to enjoy the gift and the giver!

  6. What an incredibly sweet gift and the painting you've captured it in is beautiful as well. He seems like a wonderful person!

  7. that is so sweet of Elijah, especially for a 6 year old, I wouldn't think it's easy to give up something so dear at that age.

    sweet drawing, sweet memory - sweet just seems to be the right word for this.

    hope you have a lovely day.

  8. What a wonderful HEART gift.
    Your Elijah has a beautiful heart and that bear deserves a place of honor.
    It's almost a Velveteen Rabbit least that's the way it makes me feel.

  9. Wanda, That truly was a gift from the heart. Elijah knows you will love the teddy bear and care for it the rest of your life. My granddaughter Sierra's baby doll is at her mothers...some time I hug it thinking of her. Blessings to you and Elijah. xoxo,Susie

  10. Aw...but I wouldn't expect anything're a sweetheart and so are your kids and grands!

  11. I am a little teary - what a dear thing to do and such a beautiful sketch. Don't you just love how kids wrap things? :-)

  12. How wonderful, you have a lovely grandson in more than one way.

  13. Oh Wanda, your story about Elijah and Jimbo made my eyes water. So touching and beautiful. Your story is truly a gift. And your colored drawing captures perfectly Elijah's special gift. And what a beautiful photograph of you and all grown. :-)

  14. utterly precious, Wanda. LOVE LOVE the story behind it and your darling illustration captures every bit of your memory. :)


  15. This is so adorable! It is a lovely story and a beautiful illustration to accompany it. I really love stuffed animals (ever since "The Velveteen Rabbit" I've loved them like they each have a little soul), so this story touched me in particular. What a great gift and C.T. piece!

  16. Oh, wow, what a sweet stroy! I love it. REminds me of my dear old "pooh" teddty from when I was a littel boy--one I;ve had all this time that my sis jsut mailed back to me from UK last year. I had to get rid of it as it might have been the source of some moth eggs, we don;t know but not worth the risk to keep. Sad. I wrapped it in plastic adn threw it away! I wanted to keep it but keeping it at such risk was not healthy. I did love that bear though but reality is, unlike yours, I kep it in a box hidden way for most of its life. It wasn;t btw, pooh as in winnie the pooh but jsu tthe name I gave to this golden disheveled bear.

  17. Great interpretation for gifting btw. Thank you Wanda. You rock!

  18. Replies
    1. Everything ok Wanda?
      I have not seen you for a while....
      Just wondering....


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