Sunday, May 10, 2015


Do you remember the game "Who's got the marble?"  That was my question on Saturday.  When I ask my daughter what I could bring Sunday to the BBQ she said a "Marble Cake" would be nice.  No problem, I'll pick up a marble cake mix and marble cake it will be.

Not so easy.  I went to Target, NO marble cake mix,  Tried Food 4 Less.  Same story NO marble cake mix.  I decided I wasn't going to drive any further to find a silly cake mix, so bought a chocolate cake mix and a white cake mix. "I'll make my own marble cake."

When I got home, I really didn't want to do all that mixing and measuring to get it just I opted to make a dozen "Jumbo" chocolate cupcakes, and a dozen white.  I frosted the chocolate ones with cookies and cream frosting, and the white with chocolate fudge frosting.  

That's my idea of "MARBLE".    They were the perfect dessert after a wonderful Mother's Day Lunch of BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes and roasted corn on the cob.   

NOTE:  If you counted the cupcakes and found 2 missing.  Not a problem...someone had to taste them...Yum ~ they passed the taste test.


  1. Yes, a taste test is a necessity!!! They look delicious and your meal sounds wonderful. I know you have enjoyed this special day.

  2. they look and sound amazing!

  3. The first thing I noticed were two empty holes - hee hee! They look marble-icious.

  4. They look good. Hope you were well and truly spoiled.

  5. Great solution! Cake mixes have changed so much! Why do they mess with s good thing?

  6. MMMMMMMM yummy

    MMMMMMM, YUMMY!!! If I had been there there would be another missing, lol...

  7. Leave it to you to MAKE IT HAPPEN!!
    Great idea but I bet only a handful of people would think to do it! Now that I've seen them - I am hungry for a cupcake! We are captive down here on the ranch due to the heavy rains in the night. We can't get our truck up to the gate to get out and I did NOT bring much in the way of sweets. Hmmmm.....I will have to think 'Wanda Thoughts' and see what I can come up with!!!
    Happy Monday, Pretty Lady!!

  8. I bet you could have swirled chocolate syrup through the mix and made it look marbled. But the way you did it we could eat two cupcakes and pretend we ate marble cake.

  9. I always taste my food's our right and obligation to make sure it's fit for others! haha....

  10. That was a good solution - and they look delicious.

  11. Just to let you know..
    I sent a private message to you on FB.
    Really needing some prayer support.

  12. Hahaha!
    Oh are so clever!
    Linda :o)


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