Friday, March 27, 2015


Molly cracks me up.  When she sees us getting our suitcases out for a trip, she always looks to see if her bed and denim bag are laid out too.

I was beginning to stack things in the living room to pack the car in the morning, and when I came in, she was in her bed, next to her suitcase.  This is her way of saying ~~ "I'm going ~ don't even think of leaving me behind."

She is a great traveler and I know Tristan is going to fall in love with her, and visa versa!!


I have joined the Tea Cup Exchange over at Stephanie's blog.  When I got home from a doctors appointment day, guess what was sitting by my front door?

Shannon got my name for the exchange.  What a fun filled and delightful box full of goodies.  Tons of bubble wrap so everything got here in pristine condition.

What a lovely tea cup and saucer and a cute handmade pink butterfly.

I love that she's from Texas and added a darling towel and a picture of Point Comfort, TX where she lives.

What a wonderful way to meet new blog friends.

Please click on Stephanie's name to see all the other participants,  Thanks you for Hosting this lovely party. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015


My first Easter ~ (1942)  I don't think I liked that bunny very much!!  

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Tonight I made a Chicken Pot Pie and used my "pie bird" for the first time.  I bought it last year at a craft fair, and put it up in the cupboard and forgot all about it.

When I was looking for my Wondra Flour, I saw it and it worked perfect.  No leaking on the sides of the pie plate.  The steam came out his beak, and bubbled up around him.

Twelve and twenty black birds baked in a pie??...... NO just one!  HaHaHa.


Spent most of the week taking care of details for the trip.  And I was just tired and wanted a little "getaway".  I've been hearing that the new version of Cinderella was really good, so waved good bye to Don, and got to the early bird showing.

It's a very unique and lovely theatre in Old Town Monrovia. 

To get the Early Bird discount showing, I had to leave during commuter traffic....It wasn't too bad, my street is only a few miles down this busy freeway.

This was just such a nice theater, and always have early bird specials, this just might become a habit!!

Are you having a good Wednesday?

Sunday, March 22, 2015


My coffee cake was smiling at me this morning.  I know it's going to be a good day!

Trusting your Sunday will be a good day for you.  Fine a smile, or give one.

Off to Church now to worship the Lord and hear His voice through our Pastor's message.

Friday, March 20, 2015


What a week!! I didn't get much blogging done as we were out and about every day!!!  These are some of my "Cookie Kids".

Then Monday evening we had a wonderful dinner at Knott's Berry Farm Chicken Dinner Restaurant with friends from up North.

These are special friends who have become "family".  As Don has married, baptized, dedicated and shared with this family the entire 27 years we pastored in Hughson.  They had spent some vacation time at Disneyland, and I'll share some of the fun gifts they gave us in another post.

Wednesday evening we spent the evening enjoying a "Special Night" at Sunny Hill's High School.  Our grandson, Elijah was one of 18 candidates for "Mr. Sunny Hills".  It was a fun show of dancing, talent and formal wear.  We are very proud of this young man.

Hardly time for cooking ~ So made a quick oven dinner last night.  Panko crusted Tilapia, and red potatoes, onions and bell peppers.

Thirty minutes later~~a delicious dinner.

Last but not least ~ I received a darling letter from Elizabeth.  As you know she's 98 but even though her hand is shaky she took the time to send me a letter telling me how happy she is I got a Kitchen Aid and along with the letter ~ another recipe.  What a dear lady who has become like a mom to me.

How was your week?  Ours was a "whirlwind" but a delightful one!!

Thursday, March 19, 2015


The other morning I was standing with my coffee on the balcony and looked down and saw a heart on the sidewalk below.  I got my camera an took this picture, and after I got dressed went down to see if someone had painted it on the sidewalk.  Maybe you've guessed ~~ it was a leaf.  Most of the falling leaves are yellow or orange...but this one...a perfect heart ~ and bright red.

I really liked the way it turned out on the picture looking through the trees, and with the zoom ~ the pebbles in the sidewalk made for a nice shot.

Wish I had taken this on Valentines Day... But a heart of love is good on any day!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Every morning when I go into my kitchen, I see the "Sun".  I found this sign in Tahoe years ago, and it's been hanging in my kitchen ever since.  No matter the weather...I can always sing ~~"Here Comes the Sun"

This morning take time to sing along, and start your day with Sunshine ~ no matter the weather outside.

We're getting ready to spend Easter with our daughter, husband and Tristan in Oregon.  We are driving, so getting lots of things done in preparation for the trip.  This has been a busy weekend and week with lots of errands and company.


Busy, busy week.  Will take a minute to say Happy Saint Patrick's Day.  Hope you have a blessed day and productive week. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015


REasons to REad God's REvelation

Today we will look at REfocus.

Psalm 119:37 "Turn my eyes away from worthless things; preserve my life according to your word."

Dear Lord, it seems like refocusing is a daily necessity.   I want to come to that place in my walk and faith that I can stay focused on what matters most.  What matters to You.  What you want for my life.  Help me to be focused in Your WORD, so like the verse above, you will preserve my life.  Everything we need for life and practice is found in your Word, dear Lord.  Keep me focused and when I stray, prick my heart and cause me to stop and refocus on YOU.  I love You.  Amen.

REasons to REad God's REvelation ~ So God can . . . .

REscue Me
REexamine Me
REpair Me
REfuel Me
REplenish Me
REinvigorate Me
REfocus Me

This prayer is part of a series I'm sharing on the Daily Prayer Blog.  You can see other daily prayers by clicking on the Daily Prayer blog on my sidebar.



We have a large Asian group of residents here at the Villa.  I had such a cute and fun encounter the other day I just have to share.

I was coming out of the laundry room when a little Asian man walking with a cane stopped me.   He bowed, so I bowed back.  Then he ask me " How Old are You Young?"  I smiled and said 73.  He stood up taller, and said " OH, You Look Good!"  I chuckled and ask him, "How Old are YOU young?  He broke a huge smile and said 83!!  I replied "Oh You Look Good!"

He bowed, I bowed and we went our separate ways smiling.   It was a fun and delightful encounter... I love living here.  

*Image from

Friday, March 13, 2015


A flowerbed of Iris graced our home in Sunland.  They were bulbs planted from Grandma Frankie's yard when she passed away.  Each of us took some so we could keep her memory alive through her beloved Iris.  When we moved to the "Tree House" there is no  private yard, only the balcony.  I put several bulbs in this pot, and ONE made it.  I'm very excited as it continues to grow!! Will it bloom?  That is the question.  I hope so.

This morning I was "mooned" by a dove!!!

After some pleading... I got a better shot!  The trees are so full of leaves now...makes for a shady balcony.

 More flowers are blooming in the complex and it makes for a nice walk in the morning with my camera.

I love the variety of colors ~ lavender.


I hope this Friday the 13th turns out to be your lucky day, and perhaps you might even get a Friday Bouquet!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


No, I'm not on a padded motorcycle!  HaHa.  I'm down in the clubhouse getting ready for a free massage provided by CareMore Medical for the residents of Villa Ramona.  They come once a month, and you get a 15 minute deep massage of your neck, shoulders and back.  That tight knot that I feel on my upper back was completely rubbed out.  Oh what a relief it is!

Received the sweetest package and thank you note today from the Kitty in Texas.  She was the person in the Tea Cup Exchange I had the fun of sending a tea cup to and some other little tea items.
With her lovely note, she sent me several kinds of tea to try and a pretty pink crocheted dish cloth.  

One of my new favorite snacks is tuna filled baby peppers.  I get a bag at Costco of red, yellow and orange.  Cut the top off take out the seeds and fill with tuna.  Healthy too.

Not so healthy, but really good is the crispy strips I made with some leftover pie crust.  Was perfect this afternoon with a cup of coffee.  
Speaking of coffee ~ I found another creamer that really hit the spot.  Italian Style Sweet Cream.  Makes coffee a dessert.

Love our little Coffee Station on our antique Tea Cart.  Found the perfect place for it.  I always make the coffee the night before so all we do is get up and turn it on in the morning.

This was our sunset tonight!  It's been a really nice day!


Two unauthorized visitors in the pool this morning.  Guess they didn't see the sign and didn't need a key.  HaHaHa.

Always something new at the Villa.   Can't wait for the weather to get a little warmer, I'll be joining them.

Have a great day!!  

Monday, March 9, 2015


I camped out in the kitchen today.  I needed to make a large pot of potato soup to take to our Soup and Salad potluck at Ladies Bible Study tomorrow.  Also I wanted to get a goodie box ready to mail to our grandson, Kaleb in Illinois and our friend, Tom in Texas.

We sampled it for dinner.  (Had to make sure it was good enough to take tomorrow).. HaHa   

Three loaves of Banana/Date Pecan bread.  Two large and enough for one little one for us.

Made a big batch of Chocolate Chip cookies and of course added the drizzle.  Added some crushed pecans on Tom's and ours.  Kaleb's is plain. 

I called Kaleb to tell him his box would be in the mail tomorrow, and he said "Don't mail it GG, I'll be home on Saturday for Spring Break."  Sure glad I called or his box would be sitting in Illinois and he would be here.  I will take it to him when he gets home.

I will mail Tom's tomorrow!!

How was your day?


It was a Summer Saturday ~ we had a dinner to go to and I (as always) was ready first.   Hawaiian sundress, hair all guzzyed up, make up and my plastic high heel shoes with the wooden heels.  Got the picture.  I told my dearest, I would go get gas and run the car through the car wash at the station while he finished up.  

Sometimes I had trouble getting my tires lined up so it would catch, and pull the car forward.  I hit the button and put the window down so I could see better. Yeah, heard the click and knew I was on track...the car started moving forward and I hit the button to close the window...nothing...again, now I'm rolling into the soap section and gobs of soap are coming through the window hitting me in the face, hair and lap.  

I look ahead and see the next stop is the rinse water...tons of it.  I quickly open the door, get out and let the car continue....back track out and go into the gas station.  My lovely dress and me covered with soap.  I yell "My car is going through the car wash without me".......the line of people waiting to pay for gas burst into laughter... I was a sight for sore eyes..... 

The attendant came to the rescue and finished my car...the window worked just find for him~~ for months after that.....(it was a small town, and the story spread.)  When ever someone would see me they'd ask, "Washed your hair in the car wash lately?"

We all have these kinds of stories.  When we're feeling good to pull out one of these memories and remember life is just one story after another, and some of them are there to make us laugh and share them with a friend.

Maybe your Monday will give you a story to laugh about!  Be sure to share it if you do.

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Saturday our daughter brought the great grandsons over to have some fun at the Treehouse and playground.  Then we spent the afternoon at ChuckECheese.  What a blast.  Issac and Matthew are practicing to be firemen.

See those two sweet faces peeking out the windows?

Pizza and wings for the boys, and salad bar for me and Michel.

The ride in the haunted house was pretty scary as the seats move and jerk.  Issac is smiling, Matthew is not quite sure!  HaHa

Then back to the Threehouse to have some more fun in the Playground.  They grow us so fast, I'm trying to make memories while we can.

How was your Saturday?

Saturday, March 7, 2015


We all love Easter Bunnies and how they hop, hop, hop.  Well when Molly goes up the stairs after our walk, she hops like a bunny rabbit.  I love it.  Today I decided to take a video!

Hope you have a Hipity Hopity Day!!

Friday, March 6, 2015


This is our last week for joining in the Random Act of Kindness Adventure hosted by Betsy at My Five Men.
Try as I might, it seems most of my RAK's involve food.  Twice a month we have a coffee social in the morning at the Clubhouse.  The staff provide donuts or bagels, but never had any homemade goods.

I asked the manager if I could bring some Banana Bread to the next social which was this morning.

I got a big "Thank You" for this act of kindness and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  Yesterday I saw the the maintenance man, Willie's door was open, so I left a bag of cookies and several slices of banana bread by his coffee cup.  A nice surprise when he came back into his office.

This has been another way of living our the verse in the Bible that says "think of others more highly than yourself".   Thanks Betsy for another wonder series of RAK's.

To see all the other participants just click on Betsy's name and enjoy reading about how much kindness was shared this week.