Monday, February 24, 2014

Just to let you know I'm taking a personal break to go and see my brother.  Leaving early Tuesday morning.  The prognosis with his battle with cancer is not good and want to get there as quickly as we can.

Not sure when I'll be back but would appreciate your prayers for traveling for my daughter and myself as we head north to be with him and his wife to do whatever we can to help.

Love and Hugs, Wanda

Saturday, February 22, 2014


The dark colors are gone, and the Spring Blue colors are in!  
The blue Priscilla curtains, bedding and pillows all washed, fluffed, filled with the freshness of Spring ~ (even if I am a few weeks early).  Some paintings can be hung up, down or sideways. The frame I wanted to use was designed with wire to hang sideways and I didn't want to take the time to redo it ~ So "Love Comes Softly" is hanging on it's side, but I still think it looks nice.

The corner on my side of the bed holds my Spring Hat Box, the white pitcher of blue flowers,on a little embroidery scarf from the thrift shop, and the Teddy Bear has been in our bedroom for many many years.  It was given to  my dearest when he was in the hospital for his 5-bypasses (1996) and is a reminder how good God is with these bonus years.

Now you will have to click on the picture to see the details of the stuffed animals on the bed that belong to me.  The bunny rabbit I've had for many years, and the little teddy bear in the jeans was a gift from my grandson Elijah when he was about 6, he's now 17 and it's never left my bed.  And the little white dog looking out the stuffed alright, but not with stuffing.  That's Molly, she likes that the new curtains leave the window wide open!  The dark sheers that were up before were hard to see through.

Can't wait to crawl in that bed tonight with clean blue sheets, and a new light weight down comforter under the spread.

I also changed the bathroom to blues...but that a little private for the blog!! HaHa  

Friday, February 21, 2014


Try as I may, I could not help myself.  I got up Friday morning, and the splashes of "red" in my kitchen didn't make me smile!! My heart said it's time for "YELLOW" so I jumped the gun, didn't wait till March but spent the day packing away the red, and washing, drying and arranging my kitchen into  Spring and Easter Yellow.

The calendar tells me it's still February, but the Sunflowers, yellow pie plate, and mixing bowl are awaiting the March calendar next week with Spring colors.

I have three tea kettles, Black, Red and Yellow.  They come out depending on what color theme I'm enjoying in the kitchen.

The corner window in the kitchen is back to my sunflowers (silk) but I think they look real.  I added my painted wooden Easter Bunnies that make me smile when I doing dishes.

My dearest, got up in the loft in the garage (hate to see him on a ladder) but I really wanted my Blue Spring Bedding so I can redo the bedroom tomorrow.  One fun thing with doing watercolors, is I can change out the frames with my watercolors that match the theme.  I put "Love comes Softly" in a matting and frame today to hang above the bed with the blue bedding.  (Pictures to follow when I get it all done.)  I found my old blue Priscilla Curtains so the sheers are not going up this year.

BTW my new header is from our back yard.  Love the doves.  Have a great weekend.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


I've linked up with Betsy for weekly RAK for the Month of February.  (Click on Betsy) to see all the other participants.
When it comes to RAK (random acts of kindness) mine seem to involved food.  Not surprising since I pitch my tent in the kitchen. HaHa.  

There is a coffee cake recipe showing up in several blogs.  It started with Linda, then Betsy made it, and after seeing the pictures, I couldn't resist.  Linda made hers with blueberries and lemon zest. (Click on her name for the recipe)  Betsy and I made ours with blackberries.   Yummy both ways I sure.

But how is this a RAK.  Well my neighbor CeCe is the reason my basket is always full of Meyer lemons.  She has a large tree, and it's my way of saying "Thank You" to take her a big chunk of the coffee cake.  She was sweet enough to let me take her picture.

Perhaps next week I can think of something that doesn't include food!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


"Love Comes Softly"

I'm joining the monthly "Note Card Party" hosted by "A Haven for Vee"  
Photo's that would make great note cards is the theme, but since I already have painted note cards from photo's she agreed to let me join and share my cards.

"Martha's Blueberries"

"Velvet poppies"

To see all the participants and their photo note cards just click below:

Monday, February 17, 2014


This picture in my family album is interesting me me as an adult.  I was a smiling little girl, getting to take my shoes off and holding my baby doll.  You can see my mother's sweet smile as she has her arm over my dad's shoulder.  I think my dad must of been dead tire in this picture and mother knew it.  But he was still willing to take us on this day trip.  He was such a hard working man, and so funny....but when you look at photos of him he always had a serious look.  He was a storyteller bar none.  Either had me on the edge of my seat with a tall tale, or laughing till my sides hurt with something funny or "Silly:  This post today is about "Silly".

When I was just about this age, he taught me this silly little ditty.

"One Zip, Two Zip
Little Ziggy Zan.
Bob tailed Dominecker
Tee, Toe, Tan."

All those years of reciting that little poem, It wasn't until I was an adult that I found out a Dominecker was a breed of chicken.  So when I found this picture today at the Thrift Store I had to have it.

It had a dark green matting, and wood frame but I couldn't get a good picture of it and wanted you to be able to read the message with my new "Bob Tailed Dominecker"!!  So true isn't it?

Do you remember any of the silly little poems you learned as a child?

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Some habits are hard to break.  Monday was wash day growing up.  And I find myself doing laundry on Monday's.

When we were raising our four, everyday was laundry day.  Did you ever wonder if you were washing the same kids clothes over and over, because they never stayed on the hangers or in the drawers...someone must have sneaked in their rooms in the night and put clothes on chairs,  dresser tops, the bed, the floor????  Thus the easiest thing to do when ask to clean their room.....put it in the dirty clothes hamper.   HaHa!  Glad those days are over.  Laundry is easy now.  Sheets and towels once a week, and a hamper for each of us.  But I still do it on Mondays.

Filled my basket with Meyer lemons from my neighbor's tree.  She is happy to give me a basket full each week as I use a lot of lemons.  Our trade this week was the Sweet and Salty cookies.  She is happy with the trade.

These cookies are called "Kitchen Sink" but the feature is sweet and salty.  Besides the chocolate chips they have broken pretzels and potato chips.  In my small house my washer and dryer become extra counter space and perfect for cooling cookies.

You might have to click and enlarge the picture to see it's a brooch with my name "Wanda".  Our cousin in Idaho, that we visited a couple years ago, sent it to me.  She said she didn't know that many Wanda's.  It came pined on a pretty black handkerchief with a very sweet note telling me I now have my own "Name Tag".

I don't know the name of this tree at Desconso Gardens, but they look like huge tulips.  I snapped this when we were having our Valentine Picnic.

Do you do anything specific on Mondays?   Does anyone still wash on Mondays??

Saturday, February 15, 2014


My sweet mother has been in her new home in heaven since November 1991.  Monday, February 17th would be her birthday and I wanted to celebrate her life as I think that I'm nearing her age in this picture.  It was her 75th birthday and we had a marvelous party for her.  A year later she was diagnosed with cancer and was gone at 79.

I love this picture of her as the little boy on her lap is the father of our great grandsons Issac and Matthew.  The little girl by her side is my sister's granddaughter and she's also the mother of two.

Where does the time go.  To think these two babies are now parents.  It reminds me how fast life moves so I need to live every day like it's my last and count my blessing and show love every day!

We had an elderly man in our congregation when we lived up North, and every Sunday when we shook hands and shared a hug, my husband would say "Wayne, how you doing today?"  He always gave the same answer ~ "Every day's a bonus."   I love that ~ and that's so true.  We don't know what the future holds, but we know WHO holds the future ~ That makes every day a bonus!


We had a very busy and fun Valentine's Day.  I had this thought in the back of my mind yesterday.  A Valentine Picnic.  So when I got up and the day was to be full of warmth and sunshine I decided to make it a reality.  Packed little sandwiches of cucumber and creamy Swiss cheese, ham and avocado some fresh strawberries a few chips and some ginger ale.

The setting was our local Desconso Gardens.  Found an empty table near the pond in the courtyard for our Valentine Picnic Lunch.

There are a few trees beginning to bloom and a nice gentleman took this so we could have one together.

If the day couldn't get any better ~ it did!  I was reading a dear friend Martha's blog post about her "sneaky random act of kindness."  Just then the mail lady called my name, and told me I had a package.  When I saw the return address was NY and Martha...I'm sure my jaw dropped to  my knees.  Is that a coincident.  NO I think that was a God Blessing.   A darling pottery mug, some delicious cookies and the recipe.  The card was adorable too!!  What can I say... I am so blessed.  Thank you Martha.

Before we went on our Picnic, we made a quick trip to the Thrift Store.  I grew up with Aunt Jamima syrup and Pancake mix.  I just loved the picture on the bottle with her red bandanna, so when I saw this wooden spoon, I knew it had a home with my other kitchen utensils.

Decided to make a run through the rack of tops as I need a new black and brown one.  Don't often find anything this nice.  Both are Joseph A.  The black one is sleeveless with jewels around the neck.  The brown one is longer and ribbed with short cap sleeves.  Both fit great, and look brand new.

Now tell me ~ can a day get any better than that?

Friday, February 14, 2014


My random act of kindness this week was a book of stamps!  When I visit my dear friend Elizabeth at the Rest Home Facility, I've become friends with Sylvia who also lives there.  She is a sweet little Jewish lady who loves to write letters. She writes lots of letters to her daughter and runs out of stamps.  I had an extra book in my purse and handed them to her.  She was absolutely delighted to get a full book of stamps.  Isn't it amazing how a little gift of kindness can make someones life a little happier.

This is Sylvia.  Each week when I visit Elizabeth, Sylvia always says.... "I know you come to see Elizabeth, but I just love that we can visit too".  I know many of these dear ones get very little visits, especially when family live further away.

Visiting the elderly has always been a passion of mine.  After we retired I wasn't sure who I would find to visit, but the Lord has graciously given me Elizabeth and Sylvia.  They both bring me joy.

I have linked with Betsy so you can read all the other stories for these Weekly Random Acts of Kindness.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Kenny Rogers sings "Through the Years" and on this Valentine's Day I thought I would share a few pictures of my growing old with the Best Valentine ever!

Married 1961.  The bottom picture was taken in 1966.  Julie, Michel and Myk.  Our youngest daughter Jill, didn't come along for another 5 years.

The colored picture was taken for our Church Directory in 1981.
I was still a redhead and my Valentine had nice dark hair.  That's what we looked like when we moved to Hughson, and Don became the Pastor.  We were there 27 wonderful years.

Fast forward a few years ~Another picture for the Church Directory ~ I think this one was 1991 or so.  Lake Tahoe has been a special place for us "Through the Years..So I'm not sure of the year on that one.  And you will recognize that older couple in the bottom picture.  

We've spent 53 Valentine Day's together and I'm hopeful there will be many many more years to share our love.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


  • A new bouquet in the kitchen window ~ love that tiger lily.  
  • If I don't make the bed immediately after getting up, Molly digs herself a warm bed in the pillows.
  • I found a small bowl and plate at the thrift store that's the same color as some of my Fiesta ware.

  • Don took me out to breakfast this  morning to a little cafe "Jeremy's" that has been around for years and years.  They have the walls covers with license  plates, posters, signs and at lot of "whatever".  A fun place that makes me smile.
  • A close up of the lily that's opening up.
  • Spring is a little early in the front yard.  The trees are already showing some green.

Last but not least, thank you for the wonderful outpouring of encouragement in my new lifestyle change.  For you that are in the same boat..You will have my support.

What made you smile today? 

Monday, February 10, 2014


Pain is a great motivator, and a few years ago I experienced gall bladder attacks that were so painful when I ate ~ I basically stopped eating.  For several months I thought I was just having indigestion.  So I started eating very small portions of food that didn't seem to cause me pain.  As a result, I lost almost 40 pounds before it was diagnosed as a gall bladder problem..  So November 11, 2011 I had gall bladder surgery and was thrilled with the weight I had lost.  I kept it off more than a year, and then as most things more pain, I went back to some old habits.  Slowly, but old habits.  I don't like to weigh when I'm being bad (anyone else?) so I kept telling my self I was OK.

Fast forward to my annual blood work a week ago ~ I've gained back half the weight, and my cholesterol  is the culprit.  It really soared and now I'm back on medicine for it.  Ug!!  So that was my WAKE UP CALL.  My doctor who I really like is giving me three months to lose some weight, go back to my regiment of exercise (Had scuffed  off on that too) and get a new blood test in three months.  How convenient...that would be my birthday, May 1st. HaHa

Above is a typical day for me now.  Breakfast ~ small slice of squaw bread, a pile of spinach, and a poached egg.  Lunch ~ a small but wonderful salad ~ Dinner ~ Tilapia, Roasted asparagus, onions and sweet potatoes.

I know some of you face the same battle, and are doing your own lifestyle change.  What makes me so mad, is I KNOW BETTER..and I know what I should have been doing, so I'm back in the "saddle again, back to fruits, veggies, fish, whole grains...etc. Back to drinking tons of water (64 oz) a day.  I'm weighing myself again.  And am happy to report since my appointment a week ago, I'm down 3 pounds.  Cutting out my baking, and bad carbs works!

I want to be an encouragement to any of you out there facing the same battle.  So from time to time I will post what I'm eating, how I'm exercising and how the weight is going.  I'm going to need your encouragement too.

Happy Trails!

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Sunday, after church we walked through the Street Fair in Montrose and it was a beautiful day.  This tree was in full bloom.  Lots of Arts and Crafts for sale.  The band of "old timers" sent wonderful music through out the fair.

In the Farmers Market part of the fair, there were rows of fruit and vegetables.  I had just shopped so didn't need any produce, but the little loaves of squaw bread caught my attention and I brought home two loaves.

Our daughter and SIL drove in to attend church with us Sunday morning as my dearest was preaching, and she hadn't heard her dad preach for a long time.  We had a nice lunch together and it made for a perfect Sunday.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


His name is Rick.  He was heading down our street looking for recyclables  on garbage pick up day.  Don struck up a conversation with him and I saw my Friday Random Act of Kindness right in front of me.  I ask Rick if he would like a bag of homemade cookies.  You can see the smile and was happy to let me get a picture of him with Don and Molly and his bag of cookies.

In our very mobile society, I have often thought "The only wheels some of these homeless have is a shopping Cart."  Sometimes it breaks my heart when I see how much I've been blessed with.  Home, family, 2 cars, electricity and all the hot water I want.  It causes me to count my blessing every day, and if I can do some small act of kindness...bring it on.  In this case a few recyclables and a bag of cookies.

In our house, the cookie jar is always full and ready to give some away.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


 We have a very small kitchen, but the window frame mirror above the stove really brings in more light and makes the room appear much larger.  It gets really grimy being above the stove, and hard to reach, but today my dearest took the time and effort to clean it for me.  What a difference.  Thanks Honey!!!

 In fact, we did a lot of house cleaning today.  The fresh flowers I bought last week served their purpose but had to be thrown out today.  I decided to bring in a pretty succulent I had in the back yard and I think it looks nice on the coffee table.  Freddie seems to like it. HaHa.

After cleaning the house, I decided to make homemade vegetable beef soup for dinner.  It was rather chilly today so it was the perfect dinner.  Added some garlic bread and it was easy clean up too.  Putting on a pot of Decaf, and then I'm going to enjoy my new Country Sampler magazine.

I love a clean house.  With my dearest helping, we got it done in half the time.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Tuesday is Senior Day at the Thrift Store so 30% off everything.  Today a few items jumped in my cart.  

I found a really nice bottle with cork that will worked nicely for the fused olive oils I've been making for gifts.

A new book for the great grandsons as they love "flap" books.  lifting a tab to see what's hidden underneath.

This tortilla warmer is brand new (still had the tag) and big enough for the large flour tortillas.

Going to the Thrift Store on Tuesday's is one of our "Retirement Hobbies".  


Jill sent me some new pictures of Tristan.  He loves his books.  I had to laugh at the title of the one he's eating..."Books are for Eating/Reading"...HaHa...  I guess reading and eating wears him out... Nap Time.  I love this little guy, and miss him so much.

Monday, February 3, 2014


I really love my little Beta Fish "Freddie" but he sure messes up his water.  Today was 'clean Freddie's house' which I did and he was very happy.  Did I ever tell you how smart he is.  In the morning I say "Good Morning Freddie" and he responds by coming to the top of the water and letter me rub his back.  Call me crazy but it's true.

A follow up doctors appointment and then off to Costco for my monthly trip.  Had my list, and my dearest by my side was working the calculator because my goal this year is to stay within my food budget.  I did it in January with a little left hopefully, I'll do as good in February.

 Bought Chicken Thighs at Costco and put one of the packs of three in the crock pot with some seasoning, broth and a spring of rosemary.

I hate to admit it, but I'm so easily influenced, that when Linda put her mother's IHOP's strawberry crepes on her blog...I started drooling.  So Sunday after church my dearest agreed to let me indulge myself with a big plate.  I have to tell you I cleaned it up all by myself.  It was delicious!!!

Was your Monday busy too?