Thursday, December 4, 2014


We had a wonderful Birthday Party for Elizabeth today to celebrate being 98 years young.

The care givers where Elizabeth lives presented her with a special bakery cake called Extreme Mocca and it was extremely rich and delicious.

You are never to old to love opening presents.

A new warm and cozy pair of pajamas.

She is such a special woman in my life, and I am so glad I met the "Bird Lady" 7 years ago.  For my new readers, she lived at the end of the street where we lived before moving to Villa Ramona.  She loved to feed the birds and flocks of them came morning and night to her gate.  We visited over the fence many time.  Then she fell and could not live alone so she move to the Nursing Home where I've visited her often and she feels like a mom to me, and she had two sons so is glad to have a woman to visit with.  We truly love each other.
This is Sylvia (the songbird)  She breaks out in songs about every 5 minutes.  Today at lunch we heard Take me Out to the Ballgame, Oh Beautiful for spacious skies, and Somewhere over the rainbow.  She doesn't like to give her age, so says she's 19.  Works for me.

This is Ann ~ one of the sweetest ladies I ever met.  She is a little older than Elizabeth, as she turned 98 earlier this year.
 And then there is Elsie ~ she cracks me up every time I visit.  She's 93 and when I ask her how old she thought I was, she looked at me for a minute and said 83.  I told her she was really close.  Yikes I better do a better job on my make up tomorrow.  HaHa.

I was served lunch with the "girls" and we had a very fun afternoon visiting.  Since we moved I can't visit every week, but I do get over at least once a month.

I told Elizabeth that all of you had sent Birthday Wishes and she was pleased and gave me a big smile.


  1. Now, Wanda, that just looks like a wild and crazy bunch right there! I'm sure the memories and stories were flowing like crazy amongst the laughter. And "Happy Birthday" to Elizabeth!

  2. I love this even more having visited the home where Elizabeth lives. I love that Sylvia sang and can hear her singing in my mind. Oh, what a fun afternoon! Beautiful, just beautiful!

  3. This is just the sweetest post. I love seniors. I loved my work at the nursing home and I miss it. I'm gonna have to go for a visit soon.

  4. Elizabeth is truly 98 years young. I'm so glad you could visit her and celebrate with all of "the girls".
    Just arrived home.
    Traffic was horrendous. It took us 7 1/2 hours with one stop for gas. Home feels so good.

  5. My goodness! Is it really seven years ago?

  6. What a sweet day you had with these wonderful ladies. They sure don't look their age!

  7. I remember you talking about the bird lady when you met her - ...and i think u might have posted her photo back then..anyway so glad she had such a nice birthday. and no way do you look anywhere near your 80's...

  8. Aw! What a beautiful bouquet of women. Each one flowering in her own special way. How lovely that you could celebrate with them. xo

  9. These dear ladies are simply beautiful and their smiles are contagious. What a wonderful day you must have had!

    Hugs to you!

  10. Wanda, You are a sweetheart. Loving all these wonderful ladies. How great you helped them have a nice day. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  11. So wonderful....makes me smile. :)

  12. "she looked at me for a minute and said 83. I told her she was really close. Yikes I better do a better job on my make up tomorrow. "
    --Oh dear Wanda, that is such a lovely story and visit. How funny and very sweet too. I am sure you are bundle of joy and light to them all. Lovely!


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