Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Today we decorated the Christmas Tree in the Clubhouse.  What joy we are finding living in Villa Ramona.  A few adults for supervision, but the real fun was watching the children trim the tree.

I'm so glad the complex is Senior and Family.  I so enjoy all the children.  These two girls paused for a nice smile.

The reward for trimming the tree was cookies, candy and hot chocolate.  I took a plate of fruit cake and the adults enjoyed that.

December is full of activities.  The trimming of the tree, a Christmas dinner next Thursday, catered by the  Staff,  a Coffee Social in the afternoon, and Bingo on Friday.

Hope you are enjoying lots of fun activities as you enjoy the Christmas Season.


  1. Love the tree Wanda and the fact that everyone has a chance to enjoy it. Villa Ramona sounds terrific.
    You can be as busy as you want and what a great way to get to know your neighbors.
    We loved our time last night packing gift boxes for our service men and women. There were around 250 volunteers and we packed 1000 Priority mail boxes which the post office picked up today to go to military all over the world. Every box had a letter from the church and a special letter written from Sunday School classes, plus goodies, books, toiletries, socks and games. We have had people who have received the Christmas boxes come back to the church when they are on furlough or stationed at Beale Base and thank us during the services.
    Isn't that what Christmas really is about?
    I love it.

  2. The Christmas tree decorating party sounds like fun, and it is nice your complex is seniors and families so children are included.

  3. I think you must live in an amazing place!!! I have never heard of this kind of complex but it sounds just perfect! I can see you are in your element!!!

  4. Those two young ladies have sweet smiles, as do you! Gorgeous tree and the treats look wonderful. I would enjoy the coffee social very much. Enjoy your day.

  5. What a beautiful place, dear Wanda. And the tree all of you decorated looks lovely!

    Hugs to you!

  6. Wanda, you look so pretty in your festive setting. Nice that all ages can gather together. Ooooo - the treats look so tasty too. Villa Ramona is a hoppin' place!

  7. What joy and delight! You are blessed indeed in your new home and surroundings.
    Christmas cake... The first time I had some was when we lived in Canada (my husband is Canadian) and I was a guest of a dear senior friend to a Christmas party and they served Christmas cake. What a shocker it was to my taste buds when I took that first bite! Yuck!! :-) thankfully I had a cup of tea to wash it down with. Lol
    I was taught to eat EVERYTHING on my plate, and so, with that cup of tea I gotter down!
    Living in Canada, one was served Christmas cake and tea quite often, therefore, I have grown to LOVE that cake.
    I enjoyed my visit here today, Wanda.
    Merry Christmas!


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