Wednesday, November 5, 2014



Dear friends are coming today.  Jim and Ann were a very important couple in our lives and ministry at Hughson First Baptist Church.  Ann was Don's assistant and made his life so much easier,   When you have someone to take care of all the administrative duties, that leaves you the time for preparing your messages, preaching and being the shepherd.  Jim led the worship team and is a gifted musician and song writer.  

Welcome to the Tree House Jim and Ann.....I'm all smiles.

* photo taken at their daughter's wedding.


  1. How wonderful to see your dear friends. Have a good time with them!

    P.S. I was a church secretary for several years so I understand taking care of all the administrative stuff.

  2. Wanda, It is good to spend time with people that mean so much to us. I hope you all have a fun time together. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. enjoy this time Wanda, and thanks for dropping by!

  4. Oh, how wonderful! They will LOVE living in the three house.

  5. Church secretaries are SAINTS in my book!!!

  6. Hope you all have fun in the treehouse!

  7. Enjoy your special time with those life long friends.
    I bet you gab ninety miles an hour.
    Church secretaries and ad min people are the backbone of the church.

  8. I hope that you have been having a wonderful time together. xx


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