Thursday, July 10, 2014


Tuesday we made our first trip to Costco.  Don was in the parking area with Molly and I was shopping inside.  (We haven't left Molly alone in the apartment yet, because we think she would bark the whole time we are gone)  She is making good adjustments, and as soon a she realizes this is her new home she won't be apprehensive about our leaving.  Back to the story.  When I finished shopping and got to the parking lot I called Don and said I was on my way to the car.  In fact, we saw each other with both of our phones up to our ears.

Fast forward ~ after getting home and putting away all the groceries I reach in my purse to get my cell phone.   NO CELL PHONE.  Dumped my purse several times, check the car, and finally after no luck, called Costco to see if a cell phone had been turned in... the answer was NO.  She took my name and home phone number and said she'd call if it was turned in.  Then I called Verizon and deactivated the phone.

Yesterday and this morning, I have prayed so hard to the Lord telling him He knows where my phone is, and in His Word we are told to ASK, SEEK AND KNOCK.  I was asking constantly, seeking everywhere and knocking my self out trying to figure out how and where I lost it.

This morning Don said "Let's go to Verizon down the street and see if they can put your phone number in an old cell phone we had".  I had been cleaning and was in my shorts, so went into the bedroom to change clothes.  I took my white pants off the hanger, and they felt heavy...YOU GOT IT..MY CELL PHONE IN THE POCKET.  I had worn them to Costco, and when we got home I was burning I changed into shorts, hung up my white pants and never for a moment realized I had slipped my phone in my pocket in the Costco parking lot after talking to Don.

SO ASKING, SEEKING AND KNOCKING...IS A PROMISE WE CAN COUNT ON, but sometimes the Lord just wants to keep asking, seeking and knocking.


  1. I'm thankful you found the cell. I've done similar things!

  2. Oh dear, now that you found your phone you can laugh, but very frustrating when you couldn't find it.

  3. Oh dear, I have those moments all the time and I'm too young to be having them. I have another year before I'm a senior. You're allowed, I'm not.

  4. I have done things like this so often. Usually looking for glasses that are on my head! Glad you found it - I am at a loss without my cell phone.

  5. Glad that you found it!! It was worth all the seeking in the end. If there is a next time, try giving it a call to see if it rings! xx

  6. Hello Wanda, I can add keys, eye glasses and other things to the list of items I have misplaced and frantically searched for. Happy to hear your found your cell phone :)

    Mildred mentioned you and your lovely blog and I came by to visit. So nice to meet you!
    Kindly, Lorraine

  7. We are notorious for misplacing those things. Seems like we're often calling the number of the missing phone and then wandering the house and property listening for the ring.

    Glad you found it.

  8. I am joining that club! Glad you found your phone (with God's intervention) and hope you get it reactivated!

  9. I love how you live the Word in your daily life.
    A great example, Wanda.

  10. oh, I can so relate. Funny, if not annoying too! I have done this soooo many times...not with a skirt, mind you! :)

  11. Hi Wanda,
    First time visiting your blog. I LIKE it! Found my way here via our dear Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose. Also, congratulations on winning a prize in her giveaway.

    My cellphone search story is of frantically asking/seeking/knocking myself out trying to find it WHILE I WAS TALKING ON IT. Sigh.
    :) maureen and josephina ballerina (the cat)


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