Thursday, June 5, 2014


When the kids were still at home I would make a large roaster pan full of Swiss Steak.  It was a favorite.  After a hearty meal there was always a large amount of the sauce and little pieces of meat left.  The next day, I would use that as my base and cook up a crock pot of chili beans.  Add pinto beans and chili and they were the easiest chili beans ever and that sauce was perfect.

Last night I made Swiss steak an it was delicious.  Had just enough sauce left over to make my chili beans for tonight.   I love it when one recipe can make two completely different tastings dinners.  Perhaps now that the oven is fix...some cornbread will be added.

What's on your menu for tonight?


  1. An artist and a chef/baker!
    Awesome Wanda!
    I haven't made Swiss steak in years!
    Used to cook it in my old electric frying pan...which is long gone!
    Enjoy your day Wanda!
    Linda :o)
    Ps...bbq'd steak,baked taters,mushrooms,asparagus!

  2. oh yummo, could you post the chili bean recipe please?

  3. You make me drool, Wanda. I haven't made Swiss Steak in positively ages. Reminds me of Mom and her cooking too. Now I have another thing to add to my menus.
    Tonight we go to the kids for dinner before Amanda's graduation. Not sure what it is going to be but it will be yummy just the same.
    Tomorrow night I'm setting up and serving at Celebrate Recovery. The one who usually does the food is attending her Mom's memorial service.
    So its pizza (delivered) salad, dessert and beverages. I'm sure we will go through the lemonade like crazy since the temp. is suppose to be 100F.

  4. I love it too when you get more than one meal.
    It does look tasty and satisfying. Blessings, Catherine

  5. That looks delish! My mom used to make swiss steak and I haven't had it since!

    The Mister brought home two big platters of heavy hors de uerves from a reception so we just ate that. Easy on the cook tonight...there was even dessert. Yay!

  6. I haven't had swiss steak since I was a kid, I think. This looks tasty and great to get a two-fer!

  7. The kids ate spaghetti. James and I had leftover Chinese from last night. We wanted to eat it while it still tasted yummy.


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