Sunday, June 22, 2014


This is the last batch of cookies that will cool on my washing machine.  I made them this afternoon so my son and grandsons will have cookies for energy in moving us up and down those stairs Tuesday.

These boxes and bins will be taken to the garage this evening, as the Realtor will be here at 10:30 AM to take pictures of the house for the brochure.  That's why the furniture is in place, pictures sill on the wall, and the milk glass in the hutch.
After they take their photo's, everything comes down from walls.  Everything behind doors is done.  There is nothing left in the kitchen cupboards, linen closets, drawers and closets.  The only think left to pack in the kitchen is what I used to make the final batch of cookies and the things I left on the table and counters to look nice for the pictures.

Tomorrow, I will shut down and pack my computer, so the next time I post, it will be from our new home at Villa Ramona.  My screen saver is a slide show, and when I snapped this photo, there was Grandpa and Tristan. 
I cannot tell you how,  from the beginning of this move, God has work big miracles, and little miracles and everything in between.  What an awesome God we have, and it a good thing I'm his favorite (haha..just kidding)  but I feel like it, because he as worked out every detail of this move.
So until then.......loving you all.


  1. Yes, God has gone before you and worked it all out! I'm excited for you and your new place is lovely and it seems spacious! Have fun moving! I'll be thinking about you! xo

  2. What a sweet photo of your husband with Tristan. I am so excited for you to move into your new home. I hope everything continues to go smoothly. God richly blessed our move as well, working out even the smallest detail. I am very thankful.
    God bless you. Love you.

  3. oh wanda I feel a bit sad, you had such a wonderful home but you will create that cozy nest in the new place, it is very posh! OO la la, your new home is amazing! Best wishes to you my friend, sleep well,

  4. Aren't we all supposed to feel like His favorite?
    A few years ago I read "Having a Mary Spirit by Joanna Weaver (I went back in my blogs to find the part I loved about the book) and this touched my heart...

    One of the parts I loved was where she told of her grandmother's death. After the funeral, her brother, her sister, and herself sat down to talk and the brother apologized to his sisters for being Grandma Nora's favorite. The girls were both astounded as each one was sure that they had been the favored grandchild. Oh, to be the favorite! Or at least feel as if I were.

    And this is why I have favorite daughters in law, and favorite children, and favorite grandchildren.

  5. Looking good....full steam ahead...
    Good luck Wanda...happy moving and happy anniversary!
    Linda :o)

  6. You are so cute, His favorite. I think we are all His favorite. I look forward to hearing about your new home.

  7. Good luck with your move Wanda! I am excited for you and this new chapter in your life. All the best.

  8. I hope that it all goes well and that you are very very happy!! xx

  9. Good luck on your move and I hope you can find everything when you unpack!

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  11. "What an awesome God we have, and it a good thing I'm his favorite (haha..just kidding) but I feel like it, because he as worked out every detail of this move."
    --HAHA, love that. SO, that explains A LOT! :) No wonder.


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