Thursday, June 19, 2014


Even a Bride has to eat.  Before the wedding Monique's friend came over to do her make up.  But this little tiny gal wanted this big sandwich.  After having lunch, the make up for the bride.

Doesn't she look lovely.  Her friend did a great job.
Sunday afternoon Eddie and Monique opened their gifts and her dad made a wonderful BBQ.  Tristan enjoyed the party too.
They got so many lovely gifts, but I just picked one to share.

While I paced myself, and packed all my dresser drawers, I put some chicken thighs in the crock pot with some peach preserves, added some potatoes and red bell pepper, and steamed some broccoli.  Easy Peasy and tasted really good.
Taking a few boxes to the apartment tomorrow!!!


  1. what a pretty bride! I'm glad you are pacing yourself, you are moving to such a beautiful place, you must be very excited! That supper sounds very good!

  2. Beautiful bride. Tristan is really growing!
    Your dinner looks so healthy and delicious.
    Take care and pace yourself with the moving. It is easy to over-do and then regret it!

  3. Pretty bride and I like your meal idea.

  4. Dinner looks delish!

    It's always fun to watch wedding gifts being opened, isn't it? How fun to be setting up their first little place!

  5. What a beautiful bride. I love the gift you featured. She'll be able to do a lot with that.

  6. I so hope you love the new place! I KNOW you will!! You can make a HOME anywhere!

  7. You know I love it! That first bedroom is gorgeous! and I'm crazy about that window treatment with the roman shades.

  8. What a great way to carry the wedding celebrations on for another day! I hope that you have fun starting to move in! xx

  9. What a lovely bride! I am new at following so I need to play catch up! Looks like you are moving to a nice complex!

  10. Weddings are so fun....and your dinner looks yummy too!

  11. I love an easy peasy dinner!

  12. Looks and sounds like it was great fun :) The bride is simply stunning!

    Happy weekend, sweet Wanda!


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