Tuesday, May 20, 2014



When I called Monday evening to see if I had to report on Tuesday....the answer was YES, and be at the court house at 7:30 AM.  Now you have to understand that driving into downtown LA on a week day is a nightmare.  So the best way to get in is drive to No. Hollywood, find a park, and take the escalator down to the "Red Line" Metro train.  Then join a throng of people going to the same area.

The SMILE on my face is because I didn't have to serve on a jury, and my service is over.  Because I'm not familiar with the train system getting into No. Hollywood, my lovely daughter Julie went along as my escort.  She spent the long day with me until I was released with the other potential jurors that didn't have to serve. 

We were given 90 minutes for lunch so we met Julie's husband who works in the area for lunch at the Farmer's Market down the street.  On our walk I took pictures of high rise buildings, and rows of apartments.  How would you like to live in one of those?  The Farmers Market was full of people shopping, eating, and tables with lawyers in suits, thick binders, discussing I'm sure what they would say when getting back to court.  It was actually a very long, but interesting day.  Especially since I had my daughter with me.

Got up a 4:00 AM to be at Julie's by 5:30, so as I type this my eyelids are getting heavy.  I know I will sleep good tonight, first because I'm tired...second...because my jury duty is over.  God is good all the time...and then some.  I know it was a God thing because one of the trials was going to last 7 months.  Can you imagine going to LA 5 days a week for 7 months!!  (groan........)


  1. No, I can't imagine. Never been big city anything. My husband got called for traverse jury last month. He said it was a joke-redneck court like the Josh Grisham Ford County courtroom. I hope I get to go soon:) One of my friends is the recorder there. She says it's always a hoot!

  2. I served once for a week. Not in LA, though! haha.
    I'm so glad you didn't get chosen. You have enough on your plate right now!

  3. Glad your jury duty is over. That was quite an adventure just getting there....and...no, thanks....no city living for me! xo Diana

  4. Oh Wanda I am so glad you didn't have to serve, I know its a job we all must do but with all you have going on right now,,,,,,, It turned into a good day after all for you,

  5. I am so pleased for you, gosh 7 months would have been a massive task just to get there every day apart from anything else. You can get on with normal life again now! xx

  6. My name was never even called when I went to serve on a jury. I probably would have been released for being somewhat acquainted with one of the state troopers who was a witness in the case had my name been called. It was an interesting morning just the same, but I did not have to fight traffic or get up at 4:30 am. Glad you've been acquitted.

  7. That would be an ordeal to go to LA for 7 months 5 days a week for a trial. So you can do the happy dance now.


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