Friday, April 18, 2014


I changed my mind and decided not to make the hot cross buns this year, but wait until I get a new mixer with a bread hook.  (My birthday's coming up... hint, hint)

I love it when my bananas get freckles, cause that means banana bread is just around the corner.  So I will be making loaves of banana bread and decorating the tops with drizzle, green coconut pockets with candy bird eggs (pictures later)

Easter sugar cookies for the kids.  I was out of red food coloring, so my pink frosting is some juice from the strawberries I had chopped in the frig for shortcake.  Not only did it turn it tastes like strawberries.   Bought some sprinkles today, so the next batch will have a little more colorful.

I needed gas so on my way to visit Elizabeth I stopped at Costco.  Mistake...Not only were there LONG lines... I got stuck in a line behind a truck (see the top of it just under the sign)  and I think he put in 50 gallons.  So to pass the time I took this picture,ate a granola bar and drank a bottle of water.

For my new followers, I visit a dear lady, Elizabeth every Thursday.  She is 97 and in a Assisted Living Facility.  She was my neighbor before she fell and could not live alone anymore.  This rose was in the garden on the grounds.

She loves flowers and I hope she gets stronger so she can be outside in her wheelchair to enjoy the beauty.

What is on your Saturday Agenda...Having company for Easter?  Are you doing the cooking?


  1. That is a long line at the gas pump. Everyone ready to travel for the weekend I guess. No plans here. We go back to school on Monday. I really don't want Spring Break to end. We have tons of bananas right now. Hubby bought some and I forgot and bought a bunch more. So I will freeze some and bake with some and have the rest each day for breakfast. Those cookies look great and will be devoured in no time. So sweet of you to visit Ms. Elizabeth. Such a shame that she is not able to get around. I hope she get better. Best wishes, happy Easter, Tammy

    1. Tammy, that is your no roll sugar cookie recipe. I love easy. We have bananas for breakfast too, but since I'm not making the hot cross buns, will use some for the banana bread. At 97 I can see she's being to fail...and it makes me so sad.

  2. Good Morning, Wanda. I love banana bread and your bananas look just right. Those are pretty sugar cookies too. I hope Elizabeth improves enough to enjoy the gardens. That is a lovely rose.
    Wishing you a blessed Easter.

    1. Good Morning Mildred... I like the way the sun was hitting the bananas. Nice picture. I'm so hoping she gets stronger, but I could tell in this visit she is failing. Keep her in your prayers.

  3. We're picky banana eaters and like them without freckles! So when the freckles come they are baked into something.
    Your cookies are beautiful and perfect for Easter!

    It's just me and four of my men for dinner tomorrow. And two of them don't eat my cooking! I did buy a little ham but haven't planned anything else. I might change it up a bit and do a brunch for after the morning service. I don't think I'll do homemade rolls and mashed potatoes just for three of us. Maybe ham, asparagus, some kind of eggs and fresh fruit. And key lime tarts for dessert. (and a chocolate egg or two. ha)

    1. Sometimes simple is nice. Your menu sound delicious and easy.

      Love and Hugs to you and your men for a Blessed Easter.

  4. Hi Wanda....
    We went to the cottage on Saturday....we had ribs!
    Tonight is turkey leftovers....stuffing...mashed taters fried up with green onion and diced red peppers....YUMMY!
    Sorry that you didn't get to go for your Easter dinner...
    I am sure that you and your beloved had a great time together♥️
    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday....
    Linda :o)


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