Friday, April 25, 2014


Not sure how much time I will have on the computer while we are on our trip to my brother's Memorial Celebration of Life.  Any time we are that far north, we will take a few more days to visit our daughter and sil and Tristan.  (10 months now)

My dearest is taking his laptop so may have a few minutes now and then to see how you are all doing.  I will be checking my email daily if you have anything to share.
Appreciate prayers for a safe journey and good time with family and friends.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Today I had my car serviced and when I stepped into the garage the smell of greasy rags, and seeing all the "stuff" in a repair shop brought back the memories of my Dad's Radiator and Repair Shop in the 40's.

Greasy floors and rags, tools everywhere you looked just made me remember how my Dad smelled when he would come home dead tired from work, and lay down on the floor.

That's when little Wanda would come in with "wave set" (anyone old enough to remember wave set) and a rattail comb and begin the beauty treatment of my dad full head of black hair. 
Mother would say from the kitchen, "Wanda, get off your dad and leave him alone, he's tired and hungry."  To which my dad would answer every time.   "Leave her alone, it feels so good ~ I'll take a shower before dinner."   

Today, as I stood in that shop to pick up my car....all these wonderful memories and smells rushed over me.  Aren't memories the greatest thing...he's been gone almost 50 years...and it was like yesterday.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Remember a couple of weeks ago when my oven wouldn't work and I tried cookies on the BBQ and got hockey pucks?  Well shortly after that it started working perfectly, but decided we better have the Gas Co. come out and check it for safety.  We were given a window yesterday from 7 AM to 8 PM, so I stayed home all day, and he showed up at 7:22 PM.  (I got a lot of housework done) Looks like the ligniter is going out so can't use the oven until we get it fixed.  Which is OK as we are leaving to attend my brother's memorial service, so will get it repaired when we get back. 

It seemed only reasonable since the oven is "off limits" that the Almond Twist from Trader Joe's should come home with me.  Getting ready to have a piece with a nice cup of coffee now.

I guess the birds have dropped seeds in the top of the Christmas cactus planter as now I have a double duty plant.  This cactus is very old, and showing it's age, but continues to sprout blooms every year.  As I mentioned in an earlier blog, it was Don's mother's and has been passed down to us.

Couple more errands and a doctors appointment and that should take care of Wednesday.  What are you  up to today?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Last night we attended a service for our oldest daughter's FIL who passed away last week.  It gave us a chance to visit with family and friends and see our darling "great" grandsons Issac and Matthew.  They are getting so tall and full of life and mischief (in a cute way).  Issac is 6 and in 1st grade, Matthew 5 in Kindergarten.  They start T-Ball soon and that will be fun to watch them play.

I had planned to post my Creative Tuesday picture today, but received word last night that our Host, Mr. Toast's wife was in a bad car accident and is OK but pretty bruised and sore.  God's grace and protection were at work when you see the car and read his account.  If you would like to read about it you can click on the Creative Tuesday badge on my side bar.

CT will be postponed to April 28.

Hope you having a good week.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


I have had this "rock succulent" for many years.  And it tells a story every Easter.  For the entire year it looks like a rock ~ in this case two rocks.

But every year during the "Easter" week, out of the rock bursts forth a little sunshine bloom.  It is such a picture of the tomb that Jesus was buried in and on Easter morning ~ the Rose of Sharon, our Lord and Savior came out of that rock tomb.

I have shared it in the past, but wanted my new followers to see my special "Easter Rock".

Have you ever had one of these?

Saturday, April 19, 2014


"Outrageous Love" is a new Easter Song and  I love the words.  Hope you enjoy it too.

May God bless you with His Outrageous Love this EASTER.

Friday, April 18, 2014


I changed my mind and decided not to make the hot cross buns this year, but wait until I get a new mixer with a bread hook.  (My birthday's coming up... hint, hint)

I love it when my bananas get freckles, cause that means banana bread is just around the corner.  So I will be making loaves of banana bread and decorating the tops with drizzle, green coconut pockets with candy bird eggs (pictures later)

Easter sugar cookies for the kids.  I was out of red food coloring, so my pink frosting is some juice from the strawberries I had chopped in the frig for shortcake.  Not only did it turn it tastes like strawberries.   Bought some sprinkles today, so the next batch will have a little more colorful.

I needed gas so on my way to visit Elizabeth I stopped at Costco.  Mistake...Not only were there LONG lines... I got stuck in a line behind a truck (see the top of it just under the sign)  and I think he put in 50 gallons.  So to pass the time I took this picture,ate a granola bar and drank a bottle of water.

For my new followers, I visit a dear lady, Elizabeth every Thursday.  She is 97 and in a Assisted Living Facility.  She was my neighbor before she fell and could not live alone anymore.  This rose was in the garden on the grounds.

She loves flowers and I hope she gets stronger so she can be outside in her wheelchair to enjoy the beauty.

What is on your Saturday Agenda...Having company for Easter?  Are you doing the cooking?


Christians all over the world will come together or privately to observe Good Friday. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior as a young girl.  Simple faith opened the door to my heart but as every child, there were  questions.

One was why would they call it GOOD Friday, when it was the day of the crucifixion.  The day they killed Jesus?  It made since to my little girl brain when I was told it was Good, because that was the day the penalty for sin was paid in full and the reason I could have my sins forgiven and have a home in heaven.  Also the good news, Jesus didn't stay dead...but just as he promised on the third day he arose and that's why we celebrate Easter.

That conversation took place 63 years ago, and that little girl's heart still belongs to Jesus.  His Word is my manual, His love fills my life and it was the best decision I've ever made.

That is why Easter is my favorite holiday, and I look forward to it each year.  I enjoy Spring, I love the flowers, I enjoy bunnies, and colored eggs, I enjoy making and giving Easter baskets to friends and family.  Most of all I love reading and meditation on Easter devotions, attending Good Friday Services, receiving communion, and singing Hallelujah on Easter Morning.

P.S.  My dearest has written a wonderful article that he posted this morning.  It's called "Black Sabbath" on my side bar (His blog is Reflections)  Doesn't post to often, but when he does, it's worth the read.  I know he would appreciate a visit.

*image from  

Thursday, April 17, 2014


The colors of Easter are so many.  Some soft and gentle, some vibrant and bold.  I've shared a few of the colors around my house.
The baskets in the top left were made for my childhood friend Kris, and her SIL where we share a wonderful dinner the other night.  Put a couple of my knitted dish cloths, a bag of cookies and little jars of rosemary salt and vanilla sugar in each one.  Age has nothing to do with enjoying an Easter Basket, does it?

Top right is Molly checking out a new friend.  My daughter is going to refurbish an old trunk we have in the garage and when cleaning it out found the doll we used for "Baby Jesus" in the Christmas manger (without the modern clothes of course).  I brought the doll in and laid him on the bed.  It was so cute watching Molly very gently checking to see if it was real I had to grab the camera.

Bottom left is a darling wood bird I found at the thrift store, complete with jewels in the flowers.  On the bottom the tag said  "Ross for Less"....but I paid much less than the tag.

The bottom right is my little birds watching over the eggs I dyed bright colors for the picture, but as you can see in the new header, I prefer the pastel colored eggs (not real) as we will be eating the real ones soon.

How are your Easter colors coming.  I sure enjoy visiting all your blogs.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Last week after watching our grandson Jon (13) come across the finish line of a 7 mile run, we all went out for Mexican food.  The restaurant was very colorful and decorated with "suns" everywhere.

No, the picture is not upside down...that is what was above our heads at the table.

While we waited for our meal, I started taking pictures, as I have a sign in my kitchen that says "Here come the Sun" and I like suns.  Since many of you are still digging out of snow...I wanted to share some California Sunshine!

She was the prettiest, so I ask my dearest to take a picture of us together.

It was a delightful place to eat and the food was delicious as you can see below!!

Don and I split a burrito and this was my half...It was just wonderful, and I love cilantro so piled some on top. No leftovers here, I enjoyed every bite.

So wherever you live ~~ I hope you enjoyed a little bit of "Sun".  Be sure to sing along.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


 "A Gala Event"
 "Summer Fashion"
 "A Father's Touch"

"Seeing Eye to Eye"

When you think of think "color" but I wanted to  to share my watercolor note cards in black and white.

These note cards I've use on different occasions.  The two lovely ladies have been Birthday Cards, or an Invitation to Lunch.

The Father and baby I used on Father's Day.

And when a friend of mine was having some trouble with a friend and wanted to make it right; I suggested she use this card, and begin it with the phrase ~ "We don't always see eye to eye, but your friendship is more important than that"
She took my suggestion and it mended a friendship with a smile.

That's what I love about note cards.  They can truly make a difference to the one that receives them.

To see a wonderful variety of note cards just click on the purple Note Card badge on my sidebar.

Monday, April 14, 2014


My friend, Karen C. made me this beautiful Spring quilt.  It just sings out Spring with the colors and straw hats.  I have it spread on the back of the couch so I can enjoy it.

With spring hats on my mind I decided to hang my straw hat on the wall above my Spring hat boxes and vase of flowers in the bedroom.

Munching on carrots.  Sometimes they are so hard they I have trouble eating them, so this morning, after boiling some eggs, I put the carrots in the hot water and it didn't cook through, but just enough to make them easy to eat.  

The thrift store is next to the pet store where I get my bird seed, (which I needed - unhappy birds) so I stopped in for just a minute and saw these measuring spoons that look so "old" I couldn't resist for 50 cents.  Don't know why I'm drawn to measuring spoons, but have several sets, but mine are all plastic, and not old fashion by any means.  These look like they could have been my great grandmothers.  So I smiled, spent 50 cents and brought them home.

Started a new chapter in my Prayer Journal beginning with Holy Week.  I'm touched how often us blog friends pray for and encourage each other.  I know I appreciate it, and so happy if someone makes a request for me to share in that way. 

The oven is now working, and the cookies look like cookies are suppose to look....not like hockey pucks...HaHa.

Well that's my Monday ~ What about yours?

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Palm Sunday, a day of the Triumphal Entry ~ Singing Hosannas to the King, and happily laying palm branches and garments along the path as Jesus rode into town on a donkey's colt.  But that is just the prelude...Jesus knew the mission ~ that we was coming to die.   I've taken a excerpt from a message from Dr. John MacArthur expressing the mission and that Jesus was in control was the Heavenly Plan.

"The King Comes to Die

John 12:12-17

Now by the time we come to verse 12, it's morning on the next day. During the middle of the night Judas has already plotted with the leaders of Israel to betray Jesus. It's only now a matter of finding the right moment at which time Judas can betray Christ into their hands, point Him out, tell them where He is so they can capture Him. But Jesus is not a hunted criminal. Jesus is neither at the mercy of Judas, nor at the mercy of the leaders who want to kill Him. Jesus is no criminal to be subjected to a plot, He is in absolute control of everything that's going on.

Now He knew it was time to die. The time had come not when the world decided He would die, but when He decided it was time to die. And incidentally, along that line a little footnote, the Sanhedrin, the Jewish leaders, had not wanted Christ to be crucified during the Passover time because they did not want unnecessarily to stir up the multitude of people that would have been present. They would much rather have waited till after the Passover when it was a little quieter and that way handle Jesus. But Jesus did it in His own time and forced the whole issue, brought about the whole thing in order that it might happen exactly on the Passover day, fitting that when all the other lambs were being sacrificed, the One true Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world would be sacrificed on the very same day that all the rest of the sacrifices were going on. So Jesus was not at the mercy of the plots of men, but rather was bringing about the forcing of the issue of His own death so that it would happen on a day when He planned it and God planned it before the world began, not when the Jewish leaders decided it would happen."

If you ever feel like your life is out of control, that other's are making decisions for you.  Remember this passage and know God has a plan.  He had a plan for our salvation and would NOT be detoured.   He has a plan for us, a plan not to harm us but to give us a future.  And after this short eternity in Heaven.


Friday, April 11, 2014


This week I've been thinking a lot about my mom.  Maybe because we are getting close to going to my brother's Memorial Service and staying a night in my hometown where many memories of my mom are stored in my heart.   I know mom and Hal are having a great reunion.

Here she is in her little kitchen.  The kitchen I share with her the 18 years before I left for college.  I know why I love my little kitchen and love cooking, baking, trying new recipes, making the presentation attractive.  Because of her!   A tablecloth and fresh flowers (from her garden) and the best Banana Cake you ever tasted.  It wasn't light and fluffy, NO, it was two layers of heavy moist rich banana cake, and the frosting thick and white and after school, a piece of that made any bad day, OK.

When I found this picture of my mom in her kitchen, I immediately thought of the picture Don had taken of me in our little kitchen, and I said... "Yes...Mom, we're two peas in a pod."   How I miss you, but I think what I learned from you, and how I practice it daily, would make you proud.   (And mom, I know you never tried to BBQ cookies) HaHa.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


My dearest gave me a nice surprise...I went in to clean the kitchen after dinner, and look who did the dishes for me.  He looks pretty proud of himself, don't you think??

Thanks Honey, that was really sweet!  I could get use to this..HaHa.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


The Good ~ Summer like days, and refreshing Ice Tea!

The Good ~ Molly getting her "Summer" cut..So cute!

The Bad ~ Oven went out when I had a batch of cookie to go in.  Oh well, let's try the BBQ.

The Really UGLY ~ Don't try this at home! HaHa.  I had the cookie dough ready...oven wouldn't come on.   Oh the BBQ should work, I'll just keep it on low...Old fashioned...two settings ~ High and Low.  Bottoms burnt to a crisp...tops look pretty good.  Was able to save the two at the bottom.  They were at the very end of the cookie sheet.  Sometimes I'm amazed at my genius, and other times I'm amazed at my stupidity.

But If I never did stupid things, what in the world would I blog about... Life isn't always perfect cookies is it?  (The rest of the dough is in the freezer)   Not all is lost.  HaHa.

Can anyone relate??

Monday, April 7, 2014


 Grandma Frankie, my dearest's mom, was such a special lady.  She passed away in March of 1990.  She was a lover of flowers and in her little duplex, the landlord gave her permission to plant as many flowers as she wanted in the front yard.  And she did.  Mainly iris and succulents.  When she passed away we ask the landlord if we could dig up some of the iris bulbs to have for her memory.  He was gracious and gave us permission.  So we've all got starts of iris to keep Grandma Frankie's memory alive through her flowers.

My dearest is baby of the family and wanted me to take his picture with the "first" iris bloom of this year.  The bulbs just keep multiplying.  Isn't God's creation wonderful.

There are also white iris (lovely and lacy) but for some reason they have not budded this year.  Maybe later.

 We also have her big Christmas Cactus and it full of blooms. It sits on a step ladder and is really huge.

I've given starts of this to grandchildren too, to keep the memory going through her flowers.

So today, we say we love you Grandma've been in heaven a long time, but you are not forgotten, and your flowers are like having you right here with us.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


My friend, Jessica surprised me today with a vile of homemade vanilla extract.  It smells wonderful.  Can't wait to use some of it. 

I'm almost finished with the dish cloths for the family Easter Baskets.  One more in green. 

Found some new sandals for summer in silver and bling!!

Looking for the perfect dress for Monique's wedding was NOT easy.  I was hoping for a pretty rose color...and found the perfect color in the bottom right picture...but it was SHORT~~ like knee length and that's not me.  

I loved the dress on the top right.  Layers of soft material, beautiful spring colors...but it was too "busy" and SHORT and I do not wear short.  I'm a gypsy at heart, and needed something at least tea length or long.  

Then I tried on this lavender dress.  One piece but looks like two, tea length and fully lined.  Even has some "sparkles" ~ so rather than look further...I bought it and both my granddaughter and daughter are happy with my choice.  Now I have to decide if I will wear pearls or bling..HaHa  (Guess you know by now I like "bling"

I'm so glad to have that crossed off my list!  I just need to find the right shoes and I'm done!

Saturday, April 5, 2014


We had our second 24 hour Prayer Vigil on Friday at the church we attend.  Over the past couple of weeks there has been a poster board to sign up on with slots for one hour periods from Friday morning through the night ending Saturday morning.

My dearest and I took our time this afternoon.  The stained glass window is at the front of our Sanctuary makes a lovely focal point when participating in the prayer vigil.  

People are encouraged to pray and use whatever methods works for them.  Prayer request sheets are available, and also a white board to add requests for others to see and pray for.

I chose my Maranatha Worship Bible, and my Prayer Journal since I like to write out my prayers.

We are in the process of giving our church building a new face; new doors, new paint, and we will be adding a steeple.

If you have never participated in a prayer vigil it's a wonderful experience.   

Friday, April 4, 2014


The theme for this Creative Tuesday was "Nursery Rhymes"  I grew up on all of them and can't pick a favorite.  Can still say most of them by memory.  So picking one to illustrate for CT was difficult.  In the past, I always seem to be running late and would just crank out a quick cartoon an a dab of watercolor for my entries.  But today, decided to take the theme more seriously, and do a more detailed watercolor.  As I was looking at the google images for Nursery Rhymes this illustration of "Old Mother Hubbard" caught my eye, and I decided I wanted to do my version of it.

Several of the artists in this co-op have shown the process of getting to their final entry, so I'm giving you a little background on mine.  Those of you that have followed my blog for some time know that in our little retirement cottage...The Laundry Room has become my studio.  Here I am set up with a pencil sketch on my watercolor paper.  The illustration from google hanging on the door for reference.

I was fascinated with the "black" in the illustration, and being a fan of Laurie and her use of black in her beautiful watercolors I wanted to make a huge contrast with the black.  So that's where I started.

When I finished, I was pleased that it did look somewhat like the illustration and I was feeling a real kindred to Old Mother Hubbard as she begin to appear under my brushes.  I also remembered times in our early marriage when cupboards were bare, and the Lord always seem to send in some extra money, or a friend would drop by with some extra groceries.  

I love to  paint, and this morning when I was working on this, my dearest came by and smiled and said it's good to see you painting again.  Yes, I was a good morning.

To see all the other "Nursery Rhymes" from other artists, just click on the CT Badge on my sidebar.