Monday, March 31, 2014


Loving to paint people, I was fascinated with a story and picture I saw in a National Geographic magazine several years ago.  Doris Eaton, the last living Ziegfeld Follies dancer was featured.  The bottom right picture was taken when she was 106 shortly before her death.  The other two pictures are of the "younger" Doris.  You can read her story by clicking on her name.

Watercolor by Wanda

A photo in the magazine caught my eye, as it was the older Doris in front of a poster of the her younger days. (see top picture ) Since the poster was black and white, the only color in the photo was Doris.  I loved the white hair, her perfect make up and fur coat.  So this is my tribute to a lady who loved her craft, spent her whole life on the stage and gave me a great subject to paint.  I believe they said in this photo she was 100 years old.

She may not have lived the lifestyle I would choose, but she pursued a dream and was able to live it out.  How many of us truly live out our dreams.  As a teenager when I felt the call in to the ministry, I thought I'd be a school teacher on a Mission Station in a foreign country.  God had a different plan.  When I attending Biola College, and met my dearest it was clear to me I was to be the partner with this handsome young preacher, and having a lifetime of ministry by his side is a dream come true.

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Molly's barking brought me to the front door and there was our neighbor boy, Dante (age 10).  He had a gift in his hand for me.  It's a little rock display that has a stand on the back to sit up.  A cross, and lots of special words.  (Isn't that sweet...I love it)

Yesterday I made sugar cookies and frosted them with some leftover canned coconut pecan and vanilla frosting.  I put a picture of them on facebook.   After I took the gift from Dante and invited him in, he said  "I saw your cookies on fb".  "Well, what a coincidence"  I replied, " I just happened to have some for you."

I'm sure he didn't come over for cookies, but I had to smile as he left grinning from ear to ear.

That's why I always have cookies in the cookie jar or in the freezer.  You never know when you can bring a smile with a cookie.

Have a wonderful Sunday!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014


(Click on picture for a better look)

After my dearest found the golf balls I posted a few days ago from a Church we served in the past, I have been reminiscing about some of the parsonages we have lived in.  Before retiring we lived in the above parsonage for 27 years.

I've mentioned several times that what I miss most in our little retirement cottage is my big country kitchen and dinning room.  Now that Easter is approaching, I found this picture of our table on an Easter Sunday in Hughson.  A little card table in the corner for the grandchildren.  Not as many back in those days.

One of the things I loved was having a fireplace and a mantel to decorate for all the seasons.

The large window and ruffled valences let in a lot of light ...(which is important to me).  I want my kitchen bright and cherry.

Every home has it's charm.  The best thing about our little home now...I can have it sparkling clean from top to bottom in a couple hours.  Miss the dinning room, but do love my little kitchen.

Do you have a home that was or is your favorite?  

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


After buying a new bag of birdseed (sunflower seeds included) I decided to put a small bowl on the wall in the front yard for the birds.    Did I say "birds"?  Guess this little guy didn't read the memo.  I thought he looked so cute I grabbed my camera and got this shot from the front window.

He is very considerate, as he only eats the sunflower seeds and leave the rest for the birds.

The new header is the top shelf in my mother's antique hutch that holds a lot of my "tea stuff".  Yes, the picture in the little tea pot frame on the left is me and my dearest many moons ago.

Think I'll go put the tea kettle on.  Care to join me?


While my dearest was in the garage looking for my bin of summer clothes, he came across a "Memory" I had completely forgotten.

Our ministry in 1975 took us to Bell Gardens, CA and a little Baptist Church.  Back in those days you had "deacons" that worked with the Pastor making decisions for the church.

Don had a terrific deacon board with a very funny sense of humor.  They gave Don a egg crate with the six golf balls with a deacon painted on each one including their name and a "quote" that would get a laugh. 

They told my dearest, when he got upset with one of them, he could just take them out on the golf course and hit them as hard as he could.  HaHa.

You would really have to know these wonderful men to get the joke of each of the sayings.  Tom ~ the analytical one always had his calculator handy.  Bob ~ Was always ready with a "motion" and Monty ~ always ready with a "second".  Ralph ~ was ready to go home before the meeting started.  Ray ~ bless his heart, never wanted to spend money fixing things...he'd do it!!  And last but not least John ~ Always thought the churches biggest need was a Gym.  BTW John was the artist that painted the golf balls.

Several of these men have gone on to play a round or two in Heaven, but the memories of our time in Bell Gardens are precious in many ways.  It was a real learning time in our ministry and I do believe we wouldn't have stayed at the church in Hughson 27 years without the lessons we learned in that little Baptist Church and those good people.

Hope you enjoyed a little "Ministry Story" from our past.

Monday, March 24, 2014


Made up a batch of "Red Lobster" Cheddar Biscuits tonight for dinner.  Got the recipe on line.  They were really good.

Dinner was baked cod, sweet potatoes, butter lettuce with avocado and a cheddar biscuit.

I know my little glass table in the kitchen is way to "busy" but I just don't have room to put all the Easter things I love so busy it is.  I especially like the little rabbits sitting in the sunshine coming through the lace curtains.

Call me crazy, but I love to iron.  I don't have much ironing in the winter, but come Spring and Summer ~ the ironing board comes out as I love cotton and linen and both need to be ironed.  My dearest found my bin of summer clothes so they are washed, ironed and hanging in my closet.  

Two of my favorite blouses are by "J Jill" and both have a little flair at the bottom.

  I especially love the one with eyelet scalloped neck line.  Something fresh and cool wearing cotton.  Do you like cotton in the summer?

Sunday, March 23, 2014


A new round for Creative Tuesday makes me very happy.  It's so easy for me to put painting of any kind on the back burner.  When Mr. Toast announced a new round I got out the paints and dusted off the brushes.

The first "word" theme is "JUMP".  Well as soon as I got my paints out this little guy jumped off my pallet and into the water~silly frog.

This little cartoon drawing was sketched in pencil, watercolor, and some highlights with black marker.

To see what all the other artists have chosen for JUMP, just jump over to the Creative Tuesday badge on my side bar and click!

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Most of my meditation time is in a corner of my home with a cup of coffee or tea.  This painting by Vladimir suggests such a moment and I love the peaceful, thoughtful feeling I get from it.

Each year during the 40 days before Easter, I find a meditation that follows that theme.  Last year it was "The Path of His Passion" by Bill Crowder.  This year I'm reading a book called "The Carpenter's Cloth ~Christ's journey to the Cross and Beyond." by Sigmund Brouwer.

No one knows Wanda like I do.  I know things about me that aren't has the picture painted out loud for people to see.  Even though we want to live authentic lives, transparent lives, we are all human and a line from the movie Titanic, spoken by the old Rose, reflecting on her life ~ "A woman holds an ocean of secrets in her heart."  That struck me as I know none of us are truly an OPEN BOOK.

But this is what I also know....God knows me better than I know myself, and as I meditate on His passion, His walk to the Cross, His sacrifice for MY SINS....I'm so thankful that we can nail our bad attitudes, our lies, our gossip, our hurts to the Cross, and that they have all been wiped clean by the blood of Jesus Christ.  Satan is the accuser, reminding us of our flaws and faults, but praise God we have an advocate that tells Satan...She is mine, she's been washed in the blood, she's forgiven, she is clothed in MY righteousness forever!

"Amazing Love, How can it be?  That Thou my God, should die for me."

Join me in praising God for his unspeakable Gift this Easter Season.

Friday, March 21, 2014


Our granddaughter, Monique is getting married in June and we spent some special time yesterday, having lunch, visiting and catching up, and then a couple hours working on the wedding invitations.  She has such a sweet little face, but she's 25 and a manager at Red Robin.  I've mentioned before, out of all the grandkids, only 3 girls.  She's one of them.

From our dozen grandchildren, Monique is the second to get married.  Her older brother was the first and the daddy of our two great grandsons.

It's hard to believe how quickly the time goes. You welcome a new grandchild into the family, and then next thing you know your at their graduation, or wedding, and then to the hospital to welcome a great grandchild into the family. 

We are a blessed family.  Not a day goes by that I'm not giving thanks for our family and how God has blessed us.  The beauty of grey hair, and a wrinkled face is to be surrounded by 3 generations of love.

OK, now that I've gone on my "sentimental journey" it's time to hit Macy's and find a dress.  Perhaps something in a pretty rose color for a summer wedding.  What do you think?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Busy Day!.  Cranberry/white chocolate/walnut scones for breakfast, meat loaf and scalloped potatoes for dinner.  Packed away the winter clothes, and washed and hung outside the summer clothes.  How fun ~ forgot some of the cute summer skirts I had.  They smell so fresh drying outside.  The crosses you see are hanging from wind chimes on the back porch.

A bouquet of daffodils from a friend just say Spring and bring a smile.

Made some more rosemary salt to add to the Family Easter Baskets.  Now I have Vanilla Sugar, Rosemary Salt, and Spring colored dish cloths.

I'm so hooked on this rosemary salt, I keep a little crock handy and use it in so many ways...found it's really good on apple slices.

How was your Day?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Slipped up behind this sea gull at Lake Tahoe.  Turns out to be a keeper and a nice note card!

 This rustic birdhouse hanging on a tree in my daughter's yard would be a note card I would buy.   I love birdhouses.

 I would love to see my mother's cup and saucer on a note card.  It was given to her on her first birthday (1913) so is over 100 years old.  It started my tea cup collection.

This is one of my watercolor note cards.  "Pansies for Betty".  A friend I worked with years ago ask me to paint his mother a card of pansies as she was in ICU and could not have fresh flowers in her room.  I added a tea pot with the flowers and named it "Pansies for Betty".  She recovered and was able to take the card home as a reminder.

To see all the other participants in March Note Card Party hosted by  "A Haven for Vee" just click on the Badge on my sidebar later this afternoon when everyone will be linked.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Saint Patrick's Day Dinner

Dinner is ready to put in the oven.  We aren't big fans of corn beef, so a pork roast will fill the bill.  Some green Ginger ale, and dark rye bread will complete the meal.  It'll be ready in an hour....come on over.   we'll eat and do a little Irish Jig!!


Sunday, March 16, 2014


Last night I dreamed of chicken/broccoli crepes.  So today after church ~ "The Woman of the House" (HaHa) made them for lunch. It's quick and easy if you use canned chunk chicken breast from Costco.  Some steamed broccoli, and a little cream sauce.

Added a few strawberries, and some fresh parsley and it was the perfect Sunday lunch.

BTW ~ do you like my dearests "Shirt Protector".  I found it at the thrift store, commonly called a "bib".  The front is nice material and the back terry cloth.  Washes up easy, and sure keeps Don's shirts free of stains.  (Real men don't mind wearing bibs...tee hee)

How was your Sunday?

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Do you remember Madane Thenardier in Les Meserables?  One of my favorite songs "Woman of the House" and she played it perfectly!

One day when I was feeling overwhelmed with being the Woman of the House I sat down and wrote my version of the song!!


Woman of the House, Woman of the House
Get up in the morning ~ take care of the spouse.
Off to the kitchen, do a chore or two,
coffee in the coffee pot ready to brew.

Woman of the House, Woman of the House
Make the bed, get a slice of bread
Put it in the toaster ~ for the Dearest said,
Don't forget Molly, she has to be fed.

Woman of the House, Woman of the House
Make a menu, make it quick
Better make two, someone might be sick.
Cookies for the girls, cookies for the boys
Wait a minute, what's that noise.

Woman of the House, Woman of the House
Dryers done, calling my name
Clean laundry that's my fame.

Woman of the House, Woman of the House
Take a little wine, do a little prance,
Turn up the volume, do a little dance.
Another batch of cookies, bake a loaf of bread
Oh, the clothes are dry, fold them on the bed.

Woman of the House, Woman of the House
The Dearest is surfing the net, sitting in his chair 
Watching Le Mes, didn't comb his hair.
Computer on his lap, listening to the tunes
"Say Woman of the House, where
are my prunes?"

I hope you got a chuckle as my dearest and I do every time I perform it for him...HaHa

I got up this morning early and cleaned house in my nightgown, a cup of coffee in one hand and the mop in the other.  That's when I remembered "Woman of the House" and thought you might be cleaning today too and need a chuckle. 

Friday, March 14, 2014


For my new readers, this is my dear friend Elizabeth.  She lived at the end of our street when we moved here 6 years ago, and after a fall a couple years ago now resides in a Assisted Living Facility.  I've visited her weekly since she has lived there.

She's 97 and delightful and bright.  She had two sons, but never had a daughter, so we have developed quite a strong friendship, and since I lost my mom over 20 years ago, she meets a need in my life too.

Well today, she just cracked me up and I wanted to share her story with you.  She can walk carefully with a walker, but is mainly in her wheelchair.  The other day, one of the other residents had a visitor.  Elizabeth said this visitor was a tall lean woman who walked very well.  She came in Elizabeth's room and said "I understand you are 97 years old."  Elizabeth confirmed the information.  Then she said this "visitor" said "Well I'm 97 years old too and look at this," and proceeded to do a little dance right in front of her.

Then with a wink of her eye, and that sparkle I love she said to me in a rather hushed voice..."What a show off!"  And we both cracked up laughing!!

This is why I look forward to my weekly visits.  She always has a story to tell.  Oh there was a funny bathroom story, but that's for another time.  HaHa.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


 Tried a new recipe tonight for crusted cod using panko bread crumbs.  Turned out real nice and crusty.  Baked sweet potato and broccoli.  (Nice healthy dinner, smaller portions)  Trying to be good!

We were so good for dinner, we decided to have dessert.  I made that delicious coffee cake using lemon zest and black berries.  With a hot cup of coffee...perfect!  (It had fewer calories as I didn't add my famous drizzle ~ now that was hard.)  HaHa

It's so nice to be back in my little kitchen.  I have enjoyed my time there today and my dearest also enjoyed the results.

How was your Tuesday?

Monday, March 10, 2014


Look what happened in our back yard while I was gone!  I love the color I came back too.  If you look real close, you'll see the little house finches on the tube feeder.

Our Rose of Sharon bush is in full bloom, but I decided on giving you a close up.

I couple of items jumped in my cart when shopping at one of Jill's stores in Brookings.    I adore little crocks, and this one is a perfect color for spring.  Also the green apple pie candle needs to be on my kitchen table.

I found some goat milk soap and added some left over Christmas soaps to my Fish Soap dish.  (My hands smell so good)

Didn't want to mess with my hot rollers on this trip, so got a quick perm and cut before we left.  So I have my summer cut a little early, but it was so nice to just get up, run my fingers through my hair and be ready for the day.

Put up some of my Easter decorations on my roll top desk in the living room.  Changed my watercolor to a Spring look.

 The porch has my Bunny Welcome Sign, and some silk flowers.  I want to add some daisies to look a little more like spring. 

This rabbit in his tail coat pushing his egg wheelbarrow was given to me well over 30 years ago from a Secret Sister from the church of north.   The Dollar Store container and candy for any little visitors I might have...including me ~ love those peanut butter cups.

Today has already been productive as we made our Costco Run, Dollar Store, and Von's grocery store.  Cupboards are stocked.  Feels good to be home and returning to my schedule.

Saturday, March 8, 2014


The visit with Tristan was very therapeutic  after the passing of my brother.  It's a reminder of the cycle of life.  Something we all face.  But this healthy, happy little boy was just what Grandma needed to help me in my grief.  

He's grown so much and doing all those "firsts"; rolling over, sitting up, teeth, "dadada", getting ready to crawl.  Wonderful to see.

I brought back lots of videos for Grandpa.


My heartfelt Thank You to all of my friends that have held me and my family in the arms of love and prayer as I had my last visit with my brother on this earth.  We arrived at his home near Mt. Shasta on Tuesday evening, and he passed from death to life in heaven Thursday morning.  My daughter Julie, my sister Donna and I along with his wife Becky were with him in his final days and as he peacefully left this world on angels wings to join our parents, his nephew and many other loved ones already there.

Since we were so close, Julie and I spent a week with Jill and Jaya and baby Tristan.  It was a good trip and so thankful I got to visit with my brother before his passing.  And then get a few days to love on Tristan.  The cycle of life continues.

I'm back, and it will take a while to catch up on all of you.....but I will!!!