Friday, December 13, 2013



Everyone knows my favorite room in the house is my kitchen, and decorating it with splashes of red and green and a feeling of Christmas.  I've always love a corner kitchen window and it gives me a place to put my little snowman and Christmas tree.
I love listening to Christmas Music so I tried to camouflage  my boom box with a dollie  and my Little Gingerbread Man sitting on top.  The large window mirror over the stove makes my little kitchen look a lot bigger.
The little kitchen table is the center for all the goodies.  Every morning my dearest and I have breakfast at the table and read the Daily Bread before we pray for the day.  A little close up of the sink and counter.
Do you decorate your kitchen for Christmas?  I know some of you do, cause I've been enjoying your pictures and have gotten some good ideas.  Thanks!


  1. Oh, I love it all...cheery and festive! I have a little planter full of ornaments by the kitchen sink and my desk in the kitchen has a tiny tree on it. But that's it! Right now my kitchen just needs a good cleaning, which I plan on doing today! ha.

  2. I decorate gradually. Some basic things for 1st Advent. The more cluttery stuff does not come up until just before Christmas. :)

  3. Your kitchen is just so cute! I decorate my kitchen. This year it is all snowmen. You spend a lot of time there, why not decorate?

  4. I like the cafe sign Wanda.......I'll pop in one day if I'm cycling past. !!!

  5. I love all the festive touches in your sunny kitchen! It's a great place to enjoy your cooking and meals. I have my snowman collection in the window above my sink and a few little touches of red here and there. So fun!! :)


  6. Your kitchen looks lovely. I decorate the kitchen table because we never eat at it. We're bad, we have breakfast in front of the computers and lunch on the couch with books in hand.

  7. I enjoyed visiting your kitchen all decorated for Christmas! I had a friend years ago who decorated her breakfast nook with Christmas curtains and matching tablecloth, napkins, etc. Then she would invite friends over for coffee and cake.

  8. I love your kitchen and all the little special places. I really must do something like that.
    Decorating is going so slowly this year. It may be after Christmas before it all gets done. (haha) We were so hoping to actually see your kitchen when we went down South but time and our rental car just put a kink in our plans. There will be A next time!!


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