Saturday, November 23, 2013


Her name was Helen Boyd.  She was the leader of the Girls Guild program at First Baptist Church in Turlock, CA where I grew up.  She is in heaven now, but as I was reading Kansas Bob post on giving thanks each day in November, I wanted to give thanks for this dear woman who probably had more influence as an adult mentor than anyone else, apart from my parents.  I wish I had a picture of her, but the feeling I got from this picture at reminds me of the love I had for this dear lady.
She was a godly woman, who loved the Lord and loved to have fun.  We met once a week and many of the things she taught us girls have stuck with me all these years. Some were manners, how to set a proper table, respecting people and their things.  She taught us basis in cooking, and sewing.  How to  be a gift giver.  She was there for questions and problems Junior High girls face then and today.
We had sleep overs,  made chili beans and bread sticks, and then laughed till we cried when some let a "toot" in the night.
One of the lessons I will never forget is the "Needle and Thread" illustration.  She had us girls all sit in chairs.  Then she began to teach us about how young ladies sit.   She had us hold up a pretend needle and pretend thread.  First we threaded the needle, next step was to pretend to put it in the side of our knee and pull it through, proceed to put it through the other knee. Pulling the imaginary thread tight, we were instructed to tie a good strong knot!  Now of course our feet were crossed and our knees tight together.  Then she said with a smile "Girls this is the proper way for a young lady to sit, and as long as your knees are together ~~~you can't get in trouble!"
Somewhere in the middle of all that fun, Mrs. Boyd was able to teach valuable moral and  spiritual things to us from the Bible without it being boring or unattainable.
We certainly need more Mrs. Boyd's in our modern world where there is so little black and white and so many grey areas.  I will be eternally grateful for the impact she has had in my life.
Do you have someone who made a difference in yours?   


  1. what a wonderful memory, I agree we need people like this now, I was taught the same things,, nice to remember, it was my Church Choir director, she left quite a mark on me, in a good way,

    1. It's good to remember these people, and hopefully we are like that to someone too.

  2. What a wonderful testimonial to a godly woman. Thanks for sharing this Wanda!

  3. She sounds like a wonderful person, everyone should have someone like that in their life.

  4. After reading this Wanda, I began sorting through my memories. there were a few people that hold a special place in my heart for their kindness and guidance.
    I think one was our choir director at church, Mr. "B". He was also the High School Band Director and my families personal friend. The life and character he lived at the public school level was the same one he lived at church. He set true Christian values and goals for all of us and was one of the most respected people I have ever known.


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