Saturday, November 30, 2013


Communion Sunday is my favorite Sunday in the month.  In our Church we celebrate Communion on the first Sunday of the month.  Our pastor is out of town for Thanksgiving, and ask my dearest to serve Communion tomorrow.  This is very special as this is his favorite message to bring.

In 2002 we had a guest speaker at our Church in Hughson, Rev. John Carlton,and it fell on Communion Sunday.  I took notes in my Bible and have referred to them many times when reflecting on Communion.  I wanted to share them briefly with you today.

Look in these directions before taking the Lord's Supper.

BACK ~ Looking back to the terrible price that was paid for our salvation (Isa. 53)

AHEAD ~ Testimony until he comes again.  The Second coming of Christ.  Will you be ready? (I Cor. 11:26)

AROUND ~ All the lost in the world, that are unsaved. (John 3:16)

WITH`IN ~ We need to look within and examine our own hearts.  Take an honest inventory.
                                         *Not save ~ Have we made that decision? (John 3:16)
                                         *Living in un-repented sin (I John 1:9)
                                         *Holding an offence against another
Communion is a serious and wonderful act of worship and remembrance.

I was thrilled when I read that in 1969 Buz Aldrin took communion to the moon in Apollo 11.  What better place to remember the Creator of the Universe, and the Savior of our hearts.

Hope this is a wonderful Sunday for you.  Blessing and prayers for all my blogger friends.


  1. I too love that Buzz Aldrin celebrated Communion on the moon. I like your jar painting, I bought some of your cards with that painting on them. How nice your dh was called to preach on this significant Sunday.

  2. what an inspiration, beautiful painting as well!

  3. We don't celebrate communion every month, but tomorrow is the first Sunday of Advent and that is one of the days we do have communion. How nice that your husband is going to be able to give the message. How special.

    Thank you for your coimments on communion. I am going to ponder them tonight. Look back, ahead, around and within. What good thoughts.

  4. I love communion Sunday, too!

    I had not heard that about Buzz. That is wonderful!

  5. We share communion on the first Sunday too.
    Ever since reading 1000 Gifts, I look at the celebration in a totally different way than I used to. I am blessed.

  6. Blessed day of remembrance. I do like the directions for looking in all directions to prepare ourselves.
    It's a beautiful day.

  7. Barry is filling in for a few weeks at a local retirement home. We lit the Advent Candle today and also had communion. It's quite different for us because it is of a liturgical denomination and the people who attend the service are very elderly -- but they seem to like a little less formal approach.


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