Saturday, October 19, 2013

Thoughts for Sunday

We were in a Small Group Bible Study at our friends home in Rocklin.  The teacher shared the following and I thought it was very descriptive of our lives in view of our technical age.  This really give a good picture of the "Real" us.

The Ultimate Code: You

If you and I were meeting face-to-face, I still would not be able to see the real you.  I would only see the temporary residence you are occupying.  The real you, your personality ~~ call it soul, spirit, whatever ~ is not visible.  It is software, not hardware.  The codes ~ your history, your accumulated responses to the events of your life, your attitudes ~~are all simply informational, not physical.  It is software only, and software has no mass.

The great insights of Dr. Einstein included the realization that time is a physical property.  Time varies with mass, acceleration, and gravity.  That which has no mass has no time, You are eternal.  That is what the Bible has declared all along.  And that, apparently, is the conclusion derivable from modern physics.  You are eternal (whether you like it or not).  In fact that's our ultimate challenge.

This is quite thought provoking, and something to ponder.  I will look forward to your comments and thoughts on this article.  Have a great Sunday.

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  1. Excellent comparison! I think I see a spark of illumination beginning to appear through all this love affair with technology. The Lord never leaves Himself without a witness - He cannot because He is through all and in all, and all things consist because of Him.

  2. "He cannot because He is through all and in all, and all things consist because of Him." I love that statement Chris.

  3. Amen and amen to all. One thing I would say is I pray my software stays soft and pliable

    1. Oh Nonnie, that's my prayer too. I want my software to stay "soft" ware.

  4. Hi Wanda, stopping by to wish you a wonderful new week. Tammy


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