Thursday, October 31, 2013


The clouds on the way to Big Bear were outstanding!
Do you every get tired of seeing clouds?  I don't.
To see all the other skies, just click on the SWF Badge on my sidebar.


  1. Oooh...that second picture is my favorite! What a neat looking sky! No, I never tire of looking at the sky or the clouds. I check it out several times a day! :)

  2. Your clouds and my clouds are very similar. :)
    I liked the 1st pic more.

  3. Beaut cloud pics. I like the second one in particular.

  4. So beautiful. I just love the big billowy clouds against the bright blue sky.

  5. Very nice shots. I like the 2nd one in particular: lovely white billowy cloud that is surrounded by the grey formations; and there is still ample blue sky to brighten the mood. Finally, the dark hills below provide just enough foreground to complete a wonderfully composed image.


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