Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Our little Tristan is 3 months now and growing.  I wish I could hold him, kiss those sweet cheeks and remind him I'm his Grandma! Can't wait to see him again in person.

We have baby pictures of our oldest daughter, Michel and Jill, and can't believe how much Tristan looks like those baby pictures.   They change so much in these early months.  He's truly a beautiful blend of Jill and Jaya.


  1. I am learning what it's like to be a long distance Grandma too. The arms get achy just thinking about how far away that little one is, but I am so grateful for the time Hannah and I spent in Minnesota this month.

    Your little guy is beautiful. Aren't you glad pictures can get across the miles so fast?

  2. Where would we be without Skype? He looks a bonny lad.


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