Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Sun Broke Through!

It was a beautiful wedding!  But not without some anxious moments.  As you can see, it was an outdoor wedding, and the sun has been shinning every day...but on Saturday morning the storm clouds rolled in, and by 4 PM it was pouring!  Wedding at 5:30! Yikes.  That was one problem.  The father of the bride is a singer/songwriter, and had written a lovely song for the wedding, and he got sick and was losing his voice.  That was not enough...at 2 AM the morning of the wedding, the trailer with all the sound system, microphones, etc. was stolen (the entire trailer and contents).

But these dear friends trust the Lord, and HE came through.  Another sound system was found, Jim got his voice back, and the rain stopped 30 minutes before the ceremony.  Guests, grabbed towels, wiped off the chairs, table were put back in place and just as Jim was singing his song, the sun broke through the pine trees and rested on him and the bride and groom.  It was marvelous to behold, and again the credit and glory go to the Lord.


  1. Wow, what a beginning to their marriage.
    Seems out of lemons they made lemonade and gave God the glory.
    FB me about tomorrow, Wanda. Looking forward to seeing you and Don.

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  3. Phew!! You just made it through it all. We could have used some of that rain down here. Haven't had any in months and months. Our plants and bushes could use some good nourishing rain.

  4. I know that was wonderful to see. God is so good. What pretty photos.


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