Monday, September 30, 2013


On the drive to Tahoe, there was a Heart Cloud in the sky.  This one's for you Betsy!
The scones turned out perfect... wasn't sure with the high altitude.
Found some pine cones and twigs to make a centerpiece around the coffee candle I was given.  
The geese don't seem to mind the ice cold water.   
This morning they put on a parade for us.  We are so grateful and blessed to be able to come to Tahoe for rest for the body and soul.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Often times when reading the account of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, I have to admit I've  thought how weak Eve was, and perhaps I would not have given in so readily.  But the reality is, I give in many times to temptation, and afterwards can't believe I was so weak. 
Well I did have an "Eve Moment" while we were visiting our friends Sue and Dave on our trip.  They are such gracious hosts and we enjoy their friendship and home.  They have a wonderful back yard with fruit trees, and as I was taking a walk through the trees, noticed the "fruit".  Just like Eve, it was beautiful to the eye, and looked so fresh and sweet, I reached out and picked the Pear/Apple. From the hand to the mouth, as the sweet juice tickled my taste buds.  It was an "Eve Moment" as it happened so fast, and I could not take back what I had just done.  Have you ever had an "Eve Moment"?
But the next encounter I had was one that is very familiar to my heart.  A favorite verse of mine from Song of Songs 7:12 is where I want to live.  "Let us go early to the vineyards to see if the vines have budded, if their blossoms have opened, and if the pomegranates are in bloom ~ there I will give you my love."
Dear Jesus, Lover of my soul ~ I will rise early to meet You.  I will spend time alone with You, whispering the secrets of my heart.  I will wait for Your assurance and celebrate Your presence in the vineyard of Your love where I will be satisfied.  You are the Vine, I am the branch.  Abiding in You, I receive all that I require to live as Your child in this world.  So I will rush to Your vineyard in the early hours, where I know I will find You waiting to receive Your generous Love.  I love You.  Amen.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


One of the Special Treat's of this trip has been getting to visit with dear friends that who are getting up in years.  In fact Richard is 101 and still has a wonderful sense of humor.   We were able to visit his at the rest home and had several laughs as he shared his stories with us.  He and his wife (who has gone to be with the Lord) were faithful members of our church, and when his wife could no longer come to services, we would go out to their home on first Sunday and serve them Communion.

The body is wasting away, but his mind and faith are strong as ever.  What a blessing knowing Heaven is your home and Richard is looking forward to it.  So am I.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Our little Tristan is 3 months now and growing.  I wish I could hold him, kiss those sweet cheeks and remind him I'm his Grandma! Can't wait to see him again in person.

We have baby pictures of our oldest daughter, Michel and Jill, and can't believe how much Tristan looks like those baby pictures.   They change so much in these early months.  He's truly a beautiful blend of Jill and Jaya.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Sun Broke Through!

It was a beautiful wedding!  But not without some anxious moments.  As you can see, it was an outdoor wedding, and the sun has been shinning every day...but on Saturday morning the storm clouds rolled in, and by 4 PM it was pouring!  Wedding at 5:30! Yikes.  That was one problem.  The father of the bride is a singer/songwriter, and had written a lovely song for the wedding, and he got sick and was losing his voice.  That was not 2 AM the morning of the wedding, the trailer with all the sound system, microphones, etc. was stolen (the entire trailer and contents).

But these dear friends trust the Lord, and HE came through.  Another sound system was found, Jim got his voice back, and the rain stopped 30 minutes before the ceremony.  Guests, grabbed towels, wiped off the chairs, table were put back in place and just as Jim was singing his song, the sun broke through the pine trees and rested on him and the bride and groom.  It was marvelous to behold, and again the credit and glory go to the Lord.

Friday, September 20, 2013


Georgia and Richard were dear and faithful friends in the Church we pastored in Hughson.  Georgia  is in a Assisted Living facility, and we had the chance to spend an hour with her and Richard.  They both have such servant hearts, and every time we had guest speakers, or missionaries in our Church they would offer their home, and be host to them, and treat them like royalty.

This has been a very rewarding trip, as we have had the time to visit many friends and also my sister.
Usually, we have a destination time, and don't have time to schedule visit with people.  The Wedding is tomorrow, so the past few days since I got back from Women's retreat has been like a reunion.

How is your week going? 

Sunday, September 15, 2013


What a wonderful weekend.  Got to go to Women's Retreat with my friends from our former church, and meet a few new friends from my friend Ann's church.  It was a great reunion after 6 years of missing those retreats after we retired.
Laughs, tears, sharing in songs, worship and prayer.  I'm so thrilled I was invited back and had the window of time to do it   God is GOOD!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013



Click on Picture to enlarge
We had the pleasure of a trip to Boise Idaho to visit Don's cousin Sue, (one of Aunt Trula's daughters) and what a delightful time they showed us.  A trip to the State Capitol and a tour around town, and then a Football Game between Boise State and Fresno State.  They decked us out in the traditional Boise Orange and Blue and off to the game!!  After the game, I, by chance, ran into the mascot "Boise Bronco" who, showing disrespect, stuck his tongue out at me!  Well, I can play that game too, Bucko!!  What a fun day.

Click on picture to enlarge
Then off on a short trip to McCall, Idaho.  The landscape, the farms the old Church, and a breathtaking picture of the Lake.  I'm ready for another trip to IDAHO, and guess what?  We've been invited back!!

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Last night, I dreamed of Scones. When I got up it only seemed logical that I should follow through with the dream.  So my favorite scone recipe "White Chocolate, Apricot, Walnut Scones" became a reality.  A fresh pot of coffee, and a warm scone to enjoy some REALITY!

Yes, Betsy.... That is "drizzle" on the scones  ~ tee hee.

Do you dream about food? 

Saturday, September 7, 2013


I heard a wonderful message at my daughter's church last week, and it made quite an impression on me.  It has changed the way I've prayed this week.  I'm sharing some of the insights in my prayer this week.

Dear Lord, you have touch my heart this week through your servant who opened the Word of God and gave me some new nuggets from Your Word.  I need to be a person who loves what is right, and HURTS over what's wrong.  I need to be a person who wants to lead real change, starting with MYSELF.  I need to be a person who wants to make a DIFFERENCE.  Lord help me deal WISELY with my distractions.  Lord I need to be a person who TRUSTS You fully, and put my LIFE where my Faith is.  Thank You for preachers who open Your Word, and encourage our hearts to Love you more.  I want to make a difference in my world.  I do love you deeply and dearly.  Amen.

With this on my mind, I made some choices that I believe will make a difference to at least two people.

Last Sunday the Pastor used the "Wordless Book" as part of his message on Salvation and Communion.  Wordless books made of felt were given to each member of the congregation.  I tucked mine in my purse.  Thursday morning I visited Elizabeth and we talked about a lot of things.  I ask her if she had ever seen a "Wordless Book"?  She said "no".  So I pulled mine out of my purse and proceeded to explain the simple plan of Salvation to her, sharing what each color represented.  When I was finished I ask her if she believed that Jesus was the Son of God, that we are all sinners, and in his love for us He died on the cross to forgive us our sins, and give us eternal life.  She said  she had heard this.  I said hearing is not enough Elizabeth.  Then I quoted John 3:16 using her name.

" For God so loved Elizabeth, that He gave his one and only son that if Elizabeth believes in him she will not perish, but Elizabeth will have eternal life."  I ask her if she wanted to received this gift of Salvation and she said yes.  It was a precious moment, as I teared up, and exclaimed, no matter what happens to us...we will always be together in Heaven!!  A difference was made in Elizabeth's life as she accepted the gift of Salvation.  Thank God for the Wordless book.  A boy of twelve saw it and was saved ( my dearest) and a women of 96 saw it and was saved.  God is so good!

The second person, was not so personal, but it was an act of kindness and a seed planted.  A young man sat outside the grocery store as I was entering and ask me for some change.  I ask him if he was hungry, and he said I'm dehydrated, would love something to drink.  I told him when I finished my shopping, I would bring him a drink.  As I picked up my small list, the Lord seemed to say, I'll bet that boy is hungry too, so a Turkey Sandwich from the Deli jumped into my cart.  On the way to the check out, I picked up a cold water and a soda.  I had the clerk put the sandwich and drinks in a separate bag and when I got outside, he was standing.  I handed him the bag and told him it had a sandwich and a couple of drinks.  I told him I knew how it felt to be in a hard place, and all I wanted from him, was when he was in a good place, to do something kind for someone.  He was wearing a wooden cross.  I ask him if he knew what that cross meant, and he said yes.  As I left, I told him then don't forget what He's done for you.  And I was gone.  Did that make a difference... I think so. 

Won't you join me this week and look for opportunities to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  Have a lovely Sunday and a great week.

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Thursday, September 5, 2013


Mr. Toast has chosen "PUMPKIN" for are theme this time.  My love of baking has influenced some of my painting.  Last time I shared my Apple Pie, and today, if you notice my "header" you will see my watercolor of a Pumpkin Pie.

But, on a LIGHTER SIDE, I will share some of my "FUN PUMPKINS" this week.  I call the one above "The Pumpkin Inspector".

I have always loved "Scarecrows".  This one certainly doesn't scare anybody, not even the crows!!

I call this one "Trio plus One"....Guess who is the "ONE".  HaHa.

I don't know if you believe in Ghosts!  If you do, then this one sure has some good looking boots and socks and a PUMPKIN full of candy!! (Tee Hee)
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Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The letter "H" is for HURT little sparrow.  When I go into the back yard, the birds all fly off from the feeders.  This day, they all flew away, but this one.  As I got closer, I realized he was HURT.  He had a large abscess on his face and one wing looked damaged.   He let me get closed enough to pick him up and didn't fight me.  I have him some water, and put him back in the feeder.  The next day, he tried to fly, and made it to the top of the cover over the BBQ.

He stayed on that cover most of the day.  I would check in on him from time to time.  Then later that afternoon, he made the flight to the top of the fence.   I was cheering him on, saying "You can do it little bird, fly HOME to mommy".
He stayed on the fence all night...and the next morning, I saw him flutter those wings, and lifted himself off the fence and flew into a nearby tree in the neighbors yard.  I never saw him again, but will always remember what a little trooper he was, and HOPE he found his bird family.

Everyone experiences HURTS,  and the best thing we can do, is push through the HURT, and never give up HOPE.  Maybe we need just a little encouragement like I gave the little bird to FLY AWAY!

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Sunday, September 1, 2013


I have one sister, Donna.  She's my big sister, by 6 years and the sweetest person you will ever meet.  All my children love her as a favorite Aunt, as she NEVER forgets a birthday, anniversary or special event in any of our family members.  I think we are about 6 and 12 in this picture. 

Donna came up this summer and spent several days.  While she was here the family got together at The Cheesecake Factory so everyone could love on her.  This is how we look now.  We've both got our gray, but age has not changed that we totally love being together, laughing, and visiting Thrift Shops.  Donna, you're the best! 
Happy Birthday dear Donna.  I love you tons, and wanted to dedicate my blog to you on this special day.  How about even fell on a Holiday!!!