Saturday, August 31, 2013


"Jesus never sends a man ahead alone.  He blazes a clear way through every thicket and woods, and then softly calls, "Follow me.  Lets go on together, you and I."  He has been everywhere we are called to go.  His feet have trodden down smooth a path through every experience that comes to us.  He knows each road, and knows it well:  the valley road of disappointment with its dark shadows; the steep path of temptation down through the rocky ravines and slippery gullies;  the narrow path of pain, with brambly thorn bushes so close on each side, with their slash and sting;  the dizzy road along the heights of victory; the old beaten road of commonplace daily routine.  Every path he had trodden and glorified and will walk anew with each of us.  The only safe way to travel is with Him alongside and in control."
~~Dr. Samuel Dickey Gordon (1859-1936)
Is it not a wonderful thing to know, we don't walk this old World alone.  Not one step if we will just be willing to "Follow" and not demand "Control" of our own lives.  There is no safer place that in HIS FOOTSTEPS.
Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.


  1. what a great quote by Dr. Gordon. I don't think I'd read that one before...and perfect picture to go along with it!

    1. I really needed that thought today. It's from my Maranatha Worship Bible. I just love the quotes and prayers in the margins.

  2. Wonderful, reassuring post, Wanda. Blessings to you this day.

  3. I love the promise that we are never alone and He has gone before us and knows the way.
    Thanks for the word this morning.

  4. "no safer place that in HIS FOOTSTEPS."

    Wonderful thought Wanda! Thanks!

  5. Amen. Amen. Amen. I love that we do not ever have to walk alone. Thanks be to God.

    Wanda, your sky reflections were beautiful!! Enjoyed the different perspective. blessings ~ tanna


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