Sunday, August 18, 2013



Don and I attended a family wedding at Westmont College Chapel Lawn Saturday.  It was such a beautiful and refreshing wedding.  Totally Christ centered as the couple shared their love for each other and Jesus Christ in their lives, and how He is the foundation of there love and life together.  It was very touching.  The only music was the couple in the top photo, students at the college singing beautiful love songs and hymns. 
The Brides father seen walking her down the aisle gave a remarkable toast at the reception.  Don and I just said there basking in the beauty and love surrounding us.  Wedding like this always make me thank for my dearest and the memories we made since our wedding day so many years ago.
Cutting the cake is always a lot of fun, and they did it with fun and style without covering each others faces with frosting.  All in all, it was a VERY HAPPY DAY. 

Congratulations Matt and Sarah.


  1. beautiful bride! I have to say I like it much better when they don't get too silly with the frosting, this couple did it just right,

  2. That sounds like an ideal wedding.

  3. What a lovely wedding, so refreshing.


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