Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Our son Myk cooking up the hot dogs for a fabulous "Football theme Kick Off Party for Kaleb heading to college in a couple of weeks.

Saturday we so enjoyed Kaleb's Kick Off to College Party.  As you can see it was all about "Football" and for good reason.  He has signed with Greenville College in Illinois on a Football Scholarship.  Our DIL made football brownies, and we tried to make a watermelon into a football helmet.  It was a delightful time.,  Kaleb has a very sweet girlfriend who will be attending a University in Colorado.

Another treat at the party was seeing our Great Grandsons who are getting so big.  Issac is six, and Matthew will be 5 in October.  Matthew got an "owie" on his arm and let Grandma kiss it!  Awww!
Special little family.  Our grandson Michael, and his wife Candice in the top photo.
Both Myk and Chelenne gave wonderful speeches and good advice and lots of love to Kaleb at the party, and I was able to capture all the good stuff on video.  That will always be a treasure for our family.


  1. Seems our kids and grandkids just grow up so fast.
    I love seeing the pics. of your family and the happiness you share.

  2. what a great party, I love the foot ball theme, they are lovely couples and the children are so cute!

  3. Illinois? That's practically to Ohio! :)
    What a fun opportunity for him! He will be in the flat corn fields and she will be in the mountains! I wish them both a wonderful first year in college...how exciting!

    Love the watermelon helmet!

  4. What a great party! The watermelon football helmet is wonderful!

    I need to plan a party too, a late birthday party for Hannah because she turned 18 in Grenada.

  5. School starting already? That's much too soon ! Where did summer go?

  6. What a fun party and gathering. I'm hungry now from all of the food photos! :) hee hee

  7. Awesome family celebration and support of a young one taking flight. Love this, Wanda! And, that watermelon football helmet is just too cute. blessings ~ tanna


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