Friday, July 26, 2013


This is a action packed week in our family.  Three big events.  Our grand daughter, Monique turns 25,  grandson, Nick turns 14, and grandson, Kaleb leaving for college in Illinois.  So, I had to go to the archives for my SWF pictures and the best I have are Tahoe.

 Storm coming in, but we don't care, we have a perfect view from the cabin.

This is the scene sitting on the couch looking out the bay window.  Can't wait till the end of September when we will be spending another week there.  Finally, some NEW pictures to share.

Hope you have a lovely weekend...We will be celebrating all weekend!!

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  1. How fun! A whole weekend of family doings.
    Enjoy yourselves and wishes for happy 25th and 14th birthdays and Blessings and farewells to Kaleb.

    Can't wait until Sept/Oct. either.
    Tahoe had a tremendous rain/thunder/hail storm yesterday. Caused a few problems on Highway 80.
    Just FYI, I sent Don a message on FB about Thrive.
    Love you and love these photos.

  2. I would tell you about my Homemade gifts, but someone might read it and spoil the surprise. I'll post it later!!!

    I told Don about the message.

  3. Lovely place to spend some time.

  4. Just beautiful!!! And, enjoy your weekend of celebrations!! Family time is just the best! blessings ~ tanna


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