Monday, May 6, 2013


Six months ago, my brother, Hal was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  My sister, Donna and I made a trip to Shasta to see him.  This picture was taken then.  Fast forward...last week after 6 months of Chemo, and a pet can on April 19th, we are to excited with the miracle that NO CANCER showed in the scan.  God is so GOOD!  So this month he and his wife Becky are taking their RV and enjoying some time together after a long, long six month battle.  At the end of May, he will have some small doses of Chemo for a few months to ensure it doesn't come back.  Thank all of you that have prayed for my brother.

And this some more good news... My dear sister is on the Amtrak as I type to come and spend a few days with me.  We've haven't had a "Real Sister Week" for a long time.  We plan to go junking, out to lunch, a pedicure, a dinner with our daughters at the Cheese Cake Factory, and if it clears up (raining today) a nice walk in Desconso Gardens.

What's on your agenda for this week?


  1. I am hoping to get out of my house and enjoy some of this wonderful weather we've been having!

    So happy for your brother! Have a great time with your sister. Maybe one day I'll have a sister day too. :)

  2. Oh that is wonderful news! Thank you, God! I hope they have a great time away and relaxation! And how fun to have your sister come for a week...all of those plans sound so great! Enjoy!

    I'm preparing for a graduation open house for my 4 boys on Saturday...with a few appointments and an auction in between! ha.

  3. Wanda, what wonderful news. The Great Physician was surely involved in this healing, and how fun to see your sister soon.

  4. ALLELUIA!!! what "GOD IS GOOD!!!" news!!!for your family!! Have a SWEET time with your sister!!Love to YOU and YOURS!! ((((((Wanda))))))

  5. Oh, so very happy with you and your family for this wonderful news! What a blessing from the Lord. Hope you and your sister have a great time together. I know you are so thankful.

  6. That's the best news ever!!
    Thank you Lord.
    Have a wonderful time with your Sis.
    How fun to have her come and visit.
    What are my plans?
    First is just to recoup and get the energy level back after an intense week of volunteering for our Thrive Conference.
    Then it's bills, laundry and a Kareoke dinner Party at some friends house on Saturday.
    We had Dave's nephew and wife and another couple here at our "Bed and Breakfast" for the weekend Conference too. Great time but I am pooped.
    Love you and can't wait until we get together.

  7. super duper news about your brother!
    What a wonderful time you and your sis will have!I 'm so happy for you Wanda,

  8. I love happy news, and congratulations for your brother at beating Cancer!

    I have an Uncle that lives in Mt. I wonder if by some chance your brother ever ran into my uncle..he is known as Bobo up there, he too also had cancer a few short years back and has won his battle too.

    Hope you and your sister have a blast together doing girly things.


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