Sunday, April 7, 2013


A couple of months ago, my dearest began a beard.  I've loved facial hair on men for years, and had encouraged him to grow a beard or mustache, but he always said it "bugged" him.

Once he started it I knew it was going to be a nice beard and encouraged him daily not to give up, but give it time to fill out.  This picture was taken at the LA Zoo during Spring Break a couple of weeks ago.

I like it!!  This is my cowboy, the bearded one, and love of my life!!

Years ago we had some friends, and they had been married about 15 years when her husband shaved off his "full beard".  She had married it with it, and had never seen the face underneath.  What a surprise when he walk in the room "clean shaved" and she saw his face for the first time without the beard.  That would be a real surprise!!


  1. The Mister grew a beard after we'd been married over 20 years! I like him it it! And Don looks great! What a handsome photo of him, too!

    1. In the few pictures I've seen of The Mister, I like his beard too.

  2. He looks like a true cowboy with that hat and nice looking beard, I miss sid without his beard, he hasn't had his beard back now for the past 9 years, now all he has is a mustache, but still would like to see him in a beard again.

  3. The photo made me smile. He really is quite handsome. :)

    My Darling is getting ready to trim his winter growth. The mustache stays, and the beard gets trimmed down to a goatee. Well, at least that's what I'm expecting. I have been "surprised" before. (Maybe shocked would be more accurate.)

  4. Love Don in his beard. You have one handsome guy there Wanda.
    I have to be honest that I never liked my Hubby in a beard or mustache. It didn't grow in as nice as Don's has.
    Have a wonderful day.
    the sun is shining but the winds have really kicked up. Maybe it will blow the pollen away...achoo!!

  5. Well it is nice to have you back! I spent the last few minutes catching up
    on April's activities. It was all nice to see. The pie pan, the dove the beard, even the beets.I understood the break, but it is good to visit the mindd of Wanda. Love you girl

  6. Great pic. I like it. My DH grew a beard when he retired, but he looks younger with just the mustache.

  7. Shades and a ten gallon! Great look Don! Maybe I need a big hat? These baseball caps are doing nothing for me. :)

  8. I like the beard. I keep trying to get my husband to have his goatee again but he won't do it. Says it bugs him and he hates trying to keep it up. Best wishes, Tammy


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