Sunday, April 14, 2013


Kris and I spent the first 14 years of our lives next door to each other before we left to attend Biola College together.  I was 4 she was 5 when we met.  We have millions of memories over the almost 70 years we have been friends.  Truly we could write a book of our adventures, from turning Nursery Rhymes into Operas preformed in the cemetery behind our homes.  We pretended to be Billy Graham and Cliff Barrows and held numerous Crusades ~~Kris preaching and me leading the singing.  Oh the fun we had playing games, laying on the cool grass dreaming dreams and planning our future in that old cemetery.  Today it's called a "Memorial Park" with gates and rules.  But for us it was a playground of fun and adventure.

I met my dearest at Biola, and married my preacher husband and spent almost 50 years in ministry in Churches before retiring  5 years ago.  Kris and Ted spend a life time with Wycliffe Bible Translators, and as a result of their dedication, hard work and supervision of others ~ They have translated the New Testament ~God's Word for the Zapotecs of Guelavia in their own language and still working on other translation projects.

Because of the nature of our ministries and Kris and Ted spending so many years in Oaxaca, Mexico we went long periods without seeing each other.  They are now in Tucson, AZ and we do get to see of more often.  Ted's brother Cliff and his wife Linda always invite us to their home when Kris and Ted are here.  We were able to spend Saturday evening, and Church, Lunch and Ice Cream with them today.  They are leaving tomorrow to attend a Mission Conference, but we are so blessed to have this time together.  We took these pictures last night and as I mentioned in the title..We are FOREVER FRIENDS.


  1. what a wonderful friendship, this is such an inspirational story of two couples who have given so much, you are both beautiful people inside and out!

  2. Forever Friends...that's the best title.
    It makes me wish I had a friendship like that for so many years.
    But you know, some of the friends I have now are definitely my forever friends...and you and Don are right up there at the top. The number of years isn't there but the heart certainly is.
    Love you both and can't wait until we can visit face to face.

  3. I have heard you sPeak of these peoplr many times. How nice to see their picture and know that you have some timr togrther. May God continue to bless your ministries. Tom

  4. How wonderful to have a friend from preschool age! It's a gift, really, that many do not have! You all look so happy....I can only imagine the trips down memory lane. How very fun!

  5. I have heard you talk of your Wyciff friends for years. It was nice to see their pictures and to see you together. Ther have been great blessings on your ministries, may continue always. Tom

  6. What a blessing to have a forever friend from so far back. You almost look like sisters. Beautiful ladies with your princes!! Wycliffe Bible Translators is such a great ministry.
    Happy for you to get together.


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