Tuesday, April 16, 2013


We attended a Dodger game that was honoring "Jackie Robinson" night and at the beginning of the game 52,000 fans were totally silent to remember the victim's and families of the Boston Bombing.  You could have heart a pin drop in that massive stadium.  It was remarkable moment of silence.

Jackie Robinson's wife was there to be honored.  It was a very special night and we all received a Dodger souvenir with statues of Jackie Robinson, Don Newcombe and Roy Campanella.

All the players on both teams wore the famous Number 42 in memory of Jackie Robinson and also for the Movie 42  The American Legend which is out in the Theaters now.

Harrison Ford who plays a key role in the movie was there to throw out the first pitch.  It was a lovely night.  Had a great time...the bad news....The Dodgers lost!!!  Oh well, there is always tomorrow and "There's no crying in Baseball"....(Tom Hanks ~ remember that movie??)


  1. Thanks for sharing that Wanda! I love how our nation pulls together in times like these!

  2. So glad you were able to find some happy times. Amazing what our country can do as a unit when they have to. They forget all differences and work as a team. Shame they can't do that all the time, not just in horrible situations.

  3. How nice that you could be there for the tributes, both sad and happy.
    Nice photos to show the occasion.


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